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Catholic Primary School

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Class 1 Curriculum Map

Autumn 2017

Language, Communication & Literacy 
Opportunities to think, listen, talk about myself, home, special things, occupations, likes and dislikes in large and small groups. Letters & Sounds phase 2: recognise & begin to write initial sounds...s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff, l, ll and key words… to, I, go, no, into. Practice in blending sounds and segmenting words orally. Rhyme & alliteration. Explore range of fiction and non-fiction texts. Letter formation and first words. Begin guided reading sessions.
Understanding the World 
Learn and talk about ‘myself’ including birthdays and families Learn about how we can look after ourselves and stay healthy Learn and talk about the changes in the seasons and animals in our environment Celebrate Winter Festivals: Harvest, Bonfire Night, Divali, Christmas.
Creative Development 
Make creation pictures. Paint self-portraits and our special things. Seasonal baking & make divas (model clay, painting, decorating) Singing songs related to our topic. Investigate musical instruments. Prepare for Christmas Nativity.




Marvellous me and the wonderful world

Physical Development 
Changing into and out of P.E clothing independently. Moving in a variety of ways/developing an awareness of space Practising finer and gross manipulative skills. Developing movement skills though gymnastics and dance
Personal, Social & Emotional Development 
Circle time, establishing routines, working cooperatively, taking turns and talk about feelings and behaviour. 

Religious Education 
God’s World and God’s Family: creation, caring for the world, I am special, being part of God’s family, loving one another, God’s gift to us at Christmas.


Count accurately within 10 (beyond where appropriate) using accurate 1:1 correspondence. Recognition of numbers to 10. Find totals within 10 (practical activities). Time: days of week, months of year and seasons. Recognise and describe 2d shapes Using correct mathematical vocabulary.