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The Secret Garden

As part of our 'Secret Garden' topic we enjoyed a visit to Beningbrough Hall. The children enjoyed exploring the great outdoors and they learnt about different types of trees and plants.

Here are the children measuring the trunk of the tree and from this they were able to calculate the age of the tree, by converting the number of inches into years.

The children were able to explain what plants needed to grow before planting their own seed.

They also had the opportunity to explore the walled garden where they learnt about different varieties of fruit and vegetables. Although some pupils were not impressed by the smell of some vegetables!

Here are some pupils looking at the celeriac vegetable.

Great Fire of London

To launch our topic about the Great

Fire of London we invited an expert from

Leeds Council Outdoor Education. to help us build our own replica model of London, as it would have looked in 1666. We designed the buildings using a timber frame style.

After making the model of London we had great fun setting fire to it! The children were able to see first hand how quickly the fire would have spread through the timber buildings.
This is just before the fire spread to St. Paul's Cathedral!

School Values

In Class 3 the children enjoyed watching a Christmas film as a reward for earning their 30 footprints. Well done Class 3! The children who had received a footprint this term were able to choose the reward for the class.

Footprints are rewarded for children demonstrating the St. Wilfrid's School values which include:









Fighting Fit

This week we have been making vegetable soup,linked to our topic 'Fighting Fit'. All of the children helped to prepare the ingredients and they had a great time peeling and chopping the vegetables.
Mrs Jones was then able to use her expertise in the kitchen to cook the soup for us.We hope many of you enjoyed sampling it!


In English we have been reading the Supertato storybooks. This inspired the children to create their own 'superhero vegetables' which they then used to write character descriptions. The children really enjoyed the activity and the Evil Pea's days are numbered!
The children will also have the opportunity to write their own vegetable themed stories which links to our topic this term of 'Fighting Fit'. What would your vegetable superhero be called? How would they beat the Evil Pea?

Model Village

This term we have been looking at Settlements and the children had a great time building their own 'model village'. We recycled many everyday materials to make our models and we are very pleased with how well they turned out. 

Our 'model village' included a castle, school, houses and many other interesting buildings. 

Maths Eyes

In Class 3 we have been using our 'Maths Eyes' to look for maths in real life contexts. We used photographs from the Tour de Yorkshire to inspire us. The children had some amazing ideas and they were able to identify maths linked to measuring distances, symmetry and counting.
Here are some of the children working together to identify maths questions linked to the Tour de Yorkshire. When looking at the Yorkshire Rose we discussed the lines of symmetry, use of pattern and the number of petals. The children showed how well they can cooperate and work as a team.


In Science, the children were set a challenge linked to the learning we have been doing in English. They had to design and make a shelter for one of the three little pigs. They had to use their knowledge of materials to make a shelter that would keep the little pig dry. The children had some amazing ideas and every group managed to make a shelter which was waterproof.
The children were only allowed a limited number of materials and there was also a time limit! Each group was able to combine the properties of different materials so that their shelter was strong enough to stand up, but that it was also able to protect the little pig from a sudden downpour. Well done Class 3 on building new homes for the little pigs!


The children enjoyed using Beebot to perform simple instructions. They were able to use positional direction to navigate the Beebots around a Treasure map. We had great fun!
The children had to cooperate to ensure that the Beebots headed in the right direction. There were a couple of Beebots who went for a swim!