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 Class 1

Autumn 2018 

Welcome to all our new Nursery and Reception children! 


 Reception cohort 2018.

The start of the year has meant we have all  been busy making new friends, trying new things and exploring new areas in our environment. 

Here are a few ideas of what the children have been enjoying!




This week we had a visit from an author called Eleanor McKone. She read us her book about a girl called Piper who visits Australia! She told us all about the animals that live there, including Koalas and Kangaroos! This really helped us in our phonics sessions this week too, as we were exploring the 'k' sound! The children sat beautifully and had lots of great questions to ask Eleanor!

 "How did you write the story?"                  "Have you ever seen a kangaroo?"             "How big  is the spider?"                    "Did you draw the pictures?"



Some of the children have been really interested in the changing weather and season. We have started a class collection of things we find outside that are clues Autumn has arrived! We have been looking at these closely and talking about what they are called and why they are signs of Autumn. The children have been really interested in this and have brought in all sorts of things - including a little pumpkin! 


 Our interest in Autumn led us to start thinking about animals we see more often at this time of year. The children were really interested in hedgehogs and we explored our school grounds looking for some. We didn't find any but learnt that this is because they are nocturnal and like to sleep during the day. We also learnt that if we saw a hedgehog out in the day time it might mean it was poorly and it needed to go to the vet.

Thinking of nocturnal animals and those that hibernate we collected leaves together to make warm and cosy beds for them. 


We have continued to check our leafy beds but haven't managed to spot any signs of hedgehogs or other nocturnal visitors! 


In our maths learning we have been thinking a lot about the numbers 1-6 and in particular using dice to recognise groups of numbers. 


Some of the children even made their own dice in the creative area. They recognised that their dice needed flat faces, a different number on each side and that their dice worked much better when they were cube rather than cubeoid shaped! 




Summer 2018

We have been fascinated by the changes in our outside area as the days have become a little warmer! We noticed that our daffodil flowers had grown and that there are lots of new insects visiting them!  We talked about how the insects help the flowers to grow and wondered what else helps our gardens to grow.

We decided to turn our outdoor role play into a Garden Centre. We looked at some of the different things we would need to sell and the children thought of what we could call it! The children had some fantastic suggestions! We narrowed it down to 'Seedlings' and 'The Flower Pot'. We then voted to decide! 


We counted that 10 people wanted to call our garden centre 'Seedlings' and 13 people wanted to call it 'The Flower Pot'.


We started work writing signs, decorating, choosing what to sell and how much all our items should be.



The children have loved working in the garden centre. There has been lots of turn taking and conversations about what will help our gardens to grow. The seeds, garden tools and books have been very popular purchases! 



The children have also been interested in the insects that help our gardens to grow. We went on an mini-beast hunt around the school grounds and found ladybirds on leaves, worms and slugs under logs and we saw bees and butterflies visiting different flowers. We talked about these minibeasts help flowers and plants to grow by burrowing under ground and making healthy soil or by transferring pollen from flower to flower. 



We read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle and welcomed some extra special guests to our classroom - some caterpillars of our very own! The children have been looking after them really well and observing them very closely. We were fascinated to watch them get bigger and eventually grow into their cocoons! We have been writing about their changes in our caterpillar diaries and we can't wait to see what happens next! We managed to record some of their changes in a time lapse video which we have loved watching.


Whilst thinking about life cycles of insects and animals we had a visit from the Ebony at 'Northern Ballet' who led a workshop with us on the story of 'The Ugly Ducking', which is their upcoming show. The children loved taking part in exploring the story and trying out the different movements of the characters!


Spring 2018

We have loved playing in the snow both inside and outside the classroom!




This week we were shocked to find our outside area in a big mess! The children spotted some unusual footprints leading to the sand tray. 


We discovered a rather large egg! 


After lots of discussion we decided that the egg might belong to a dinosaur! 


We measured the egg and wrote letters to Andy Day from Cbeebies to ask for help in looking after the it. 


We created a dinosaur museum in our role play areas and the children had lots of fun making different discoveries to add to our museum collection. We have been thinking about measuring length and height this term so the children were very good at working out the sizes of the fossils! 


One child brought in a special fossil he had found on the beach on holiday. We looked at the pattern and talked about what animal it might belong to.                                                                  

We started to think a bout what dinosaurs might eat - just in case our dinosaur egg hatched! We learnt that some dinosaurs eat meat and we call them 'carnivores' and some dinosaurs eats plants and we call them 'herbivores'. We hoped the dinosaur in our egg was a herbivore! 


After a few weeks our egg hadn't hatched so we decided to give it a little help..


We were so relieved to find that the dinosaur inside was just a toy! It was a tyrannosaurus rex! Once we knew he wasn't going to eat us we decided to let him join the family of dinosaurs we have in our small world area. We think he'll be very happy with them! 

We spent the last week of term thinking about Easter and other animals that hatch from eggs, like ducks and chickens. We read the Ugly Duckling and made crispy cake nests for our little chocolate eggs. Some of our nursery children even went on an Easter egg hunt at Borrage House care home. We had so much fun there! 


Happy Easter everyone! 

Autumn 2017 

Welcome to our page! 

We have been at school for a few weeks now and everyone has settled in well. Below you can find out a little more about what we have been exploring in our learning so far! 

We started the term thinking about ourselves and our families. We painted self portraits, built houses and and talked about our families and friends.




We have been exploring how we keep ourselves healthy and fit. We talked about people who look after us such such and doctors, nurses and dentists and we created a doctors surgery in our outdoor roleplay area.


Harvest led us to think about healthy fruits and vegetables we can eat and we shared the stories 'Oliver's Vegetables' by Vivian French and Alison Bartlett and 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra.   




The change in seasons led us to explore was 'Autumn' meant. We went on an Autumn walk around school and noticed that the leaves were falling from the trees and that it was getting colder! 




 Our exploration into Autumn led us to learn about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We acted out the Story of Rama and Sita, made and decorated our own diva lamps and we shared our learning with the whole school in sharing assembly. 



The darker evenings led us to think about nocturnal animals and animals that hibernate. We learnt some facts about hedgehogs and owls and some of the children worked hard building different homes for animals to hibernate in. 


In November we spent some time thinking about remembrance day. We made big poppies using paper plates and we talked about the remembrance day processions that would be happening at war memorials around the country and in Ripon.



The children loved exploring the colder weather, particularly the snow and ice! We went on a Winter weather walk and found all sorts of signs of Winter arriving. 



For the last few weeks of term we enjoyed learning about the birth of Jesus and preparing for our Foundation Stage Unit nativity performance of 'Whoops-a-Daisy Angel'. We made christmas cards and decorations, enjoyed dancing and the Christmas party and the children baked some gingerbread men to give as gifts! Merry Christmas everyone! 




Parents/carers and children of the Foundation Unit 2015-2017

Thank you for such a wonderful 2 years. I will be leaving with such reat memories of you all!


You came into my class, how well I remember.

Some of you were smiling and giggling a lot
Some were very quiet and a few tears I could spot

You came here to learn, to be taught how to read
You were then very much like a tiny new seed

You were all in my garden just waiting to grow
So this gardener got busy with her rake and her hoe

I fed you the water and let in the sun
You took in the soil, but we had only begun

Each day as I worked in this garden of mine
I saw you all growing so strong and so fine

Then finally one day I took a good look
And saw each of my flowers reading a book

It was obvious then that you had worked too
Soaking up all the food I had given to you

But although you have blossomed, you still need to grow
So I'll pass you on now to another gardener I know

She too has a rake and hoe she can use
And plenty of food from which you can choose

I hope you will keep your roots open wide
Take in all her food and keep it inside

Yes, a gardener can work all night and all day
But the flower must be willing to take in each ray

So work very hard in your garden each year
Do the best you can and you'll have nothing to fear

Grow strong and tall, reach up for the sun
Stay as nice as you are and have lots of fun.

Sports Day

We had a great Sports Day. Thank you to everyone who came and supported us!

Thank you for my surprise!! I can not wait to watch my beautiful rose bloom in my new garden.  


Stay and Play

Teddy bears picnic at Borrage House


Thank you Borrage House for such a lovely morning! We really appreciate your generosity.


June 2017

Making bath bombs

Thank you Izzy Anderson and Natalia for a wonderful sensory experience. The children got to touch and smell natural plants and food which could be used to make essential oils which we added to the bath bombs.

What a lovely morning and the Foundation Unit smelt amazing all day long!!

If you have any questions about this activity and would like to know more about essential oils please contact Izzy Anderson or One Happy Village Essentials on Facebook.

Learning about minibeasts at Harlow Carr

Practising the waggle dance. 

We practised flying like a bee with our flipper flappers collecting nectar and pollen from flowers and then we did the waggle dance. 


Well done for finding bee friendly plants in our outside area. 

All Stars Cricket

This week a coach from All Stars Cricket centre came to play cricket with us. The children really enjoyed this session!  We practised being a batsman and a fielder. 

Even Miss Miller had a go! 

For further information and to see if you would like your child to join this activity and game based programme please visit their website -

Closest All Stars Cricket centre- North Stainley CC

Thank you to the All Stars coach who came to teach us this fun sport. 

Blowing bubbles

May 2017

Class 1 wedding 

We read the story 'The Scarecrows Wedding' by Julia Donaldson. The children loved this book and decided to write wedding lists and pretend to get married! We had flowers, bridesmaids and rings....what more could you want! 

 Practising for sports day



We have been painting flowers in a vase. We looked at the shapes, colours and lines of our subject. We explored mixing colours with support and had great fun!! The results were stunning!!!

Fun outside

We loved using our mini-me's in Numeracy this week!

Cheep cheep cheep, who came to visit us?

Thank you to Borrage House for bringing these special visitors to our class. We are looking forward to a class vote to name your chicks and hope to visit them soon to see how they have grown.

Glitter fun in the mud kitchen

April 2017

Newby Hall Easter Egg

We decorated a massive egg that would be displayed over the Easter break at Newby Hall. Well done Class 1, we were rewarded with free admission tickets for the whole school.

Voting for our favourite Julia Donaldson story

Squiggle whilst you wiggle in the sunshine

We love P.E outside


April 2017 

Easter egg hunt at Borrage House for Nursery morning children

Mrs Harland went on a visit with the nursery morning children to see the residents of Borrage House. 

The children:-

Thank you to the staff at Borrage House. We hope to visit you all again soon! 

Chocolate fun!!!

Over two days the Foundation Unit have made Easter chocolate nests. It was a great learning experience! 

March 2017

Mystery in Class 1

We listened to the story 'What the Ladybird Heard'' by Julia Donaldson. 

The children found some footsteps on the playground. 

We found a map and went on a exploration around the school until the directions led us back to our playground. The children found some silver eggs. 

''it could be a chick''. 

''a snake's egg''. 

''We could get the vet to take an x-ray to see what animal it is''. 

''I will look after it''. 

''maybe Lanky Len and Hefty Hue tried to get it'. 

''it can't be a dinosaur egg as they are not alive''. 

''We need to keep it warm and comfy so that it will hatch''. 

The children were so excited by this new arrival.

They made; 


Zumba fun 

The Reception children enjoyed a zumba session as a reward for raising money for Lepra. 

10 in the bed.......

In numeracy this week we have been having fun practising taking away with teddies. 

February 2017

Class 1 Assembly - Going on a Bear Hunt

Here is the video in 3 parts, of the recent Class 1 Assembly.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3



Little Ripon Bookshop Visit

This afternoon the nursery children went to visit Gill at 'The Little Ripon Bookshop'. They had great fun listening to a variety of Julia Donaldson stories and met a Gruffalo.  As a special treat Gill provided juice and biscuits for our snack. 

Dont worry morning nursery children, it will be your turn soon. 

Thank you to the parent helpers who gave up their time to help Mrs Harland.

Stick Man fun at Harlow Carr

Reception children went to Harlow Carr this week. 

The children listened to the story 'The Stick Man' and went on his journey through the book.  We identified different types of trees. 
 We threw our pooh sticks in the river and then looked at the other side of the bridge to see who won.
We then created our own Stick Man using sticks, ribbon, googly eyes and glue.  The children suggested to use the tops of acorn nuts to be used as hats for their Stick Men.
  Do you like our Stick Men?
 We went on the slide, practised our balancing skills and had lots and lots of fun.  We loved playing in the 'Logness Monster' play ground.  
 Thank you to all the helpers who gave their time to come and help on the trip. It was a great success and could not have been possible without your support.

January 2017

Kong Hei Fat Choi

We had a special visitor this week. Mrs Alder came to tell us all about Chinese New Year celebrations. 

  We tried on some traditional Chinese clothes that Mrs Alder has collected from her many visits to Hong Kong. 
We made dragons.     We practised Chinese writing outside.
We wrote 'Happy Chinese New Year' cards in the mark making area.  We created our next section of our dragon. 
 We used chopsticks and rice to practise our numbers.     Thank you to Mrs Alder for coming and sharing all her knowledge about China and Chinese New Year celebrations.  We sang and danced to 'The Dragon Dance'

January 2017

In Literacy today we used descriptive language when we designed our wanted posters for the Highway Rat. 

''He has a pointy sword''. 

''He has whiskers tougher than wire''.

''He has a scary voice''. 

''He has big teeth and they are very sharp''. 

January 2017

The children have enjoyed listening to the story 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson. This has inspired us to explore other stories she has created as our topic this term. I wonder what book we will read next? 


January 2017

Nursery have started 'Squiggle While You Wiggle'. These sessions will help them develop their motor skills and self-awareness ready to begin writing. 

January 2017

In Class 1 we have been enjoying reading the book 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson. 

December 2016 

Foundation Stage Christmas Party

We all had lots of fun playing games, dancing and eating yummy food!


December 2016 

Foundation Stage Christmas Nativity 

December 2016

A Foundation Unit parent went to Nepal to visit the children's charity she supports. She came to tell our children about her experiences there.

November 2016

The children in our class have loved playing in the mud kitchen. 

November 2016

On Friday 18th November we raised money for Children In Need. We all dressed up as characters from Roald Dahl stories. 

November 2016

On Friday 11th November the Reception children visited Harlow Carr. 

We had great fun:-


November 2016

We have enjoyed practising our new phonic sounds in fun and creative ways.

Can you guess what sound we have been learning?

November 2016

Today we had a visit from Diana who works for Blue Cross. She brought in Charlie a real dog.

We learnt that animals are very special and before you get a pet you must research it's needs. 

Pets need:-

We learnt how to handle and stoke different animals gently. 


 We then got to stroke Charlie. 

Charlie could do some special tricks. 

 Thank you to Blue Cross, Diana and Charlie for visiting our class. 

October 2016

We have enjoyed celebrating Diwali this week by making rangoli patterns, reading stories and practising indian dancing. 

October 2016

Our class 'Tiger' had a poorly paw and was sent away to the vets. 

Sarah a veterinary nurse came into our school to speak to the children about her job. She brought some special resources for us all have a look at. 

When tiger returned we changed our role play area into a vets. 

October 2016

The children loved investigating the autumn area where they could use a magnifying glass to look at the objects and make different types of potions. 

October 2016

How to help your child at home

October 2016

Finger gym activities are so much fun especially when we use marshmallows!! We had 15 to begin with and we finished with that number. The children resisted eating them. Well done!!

We used glue and spaghetti to make glittery gold  'g's. 

In PE we are learning how to move in lots of different ways. 

We have also been practising the 5 basic shapes of gymnastics;-


October 2016

Useful websites


September 2016

This week we have enjoyed learning the sound 'p' as we got to make some fairy cakes for Peppa Pig's birthday. 

They were very yummy! 

September 2016

We have been very busy developing our literacy skills since the start of term;- 

September 2016

We have enjoyed having snack in our class and helping Mrs Harland with the snack board. 

We have been practising our phonics at snack time. What sound can you see?

September 2016

Welcome to the new nursery and reception children who have joined us this term. We are looking forward to a fun filled year ahead during which we will learn lots of new things together. 

Miss Miller and Mrs Harland 


July 2016

Thank you to all the parents/carers who came into our class to 'stay and play' for the first hour of the school day this week. It was lovely to watch the children show off their work and achievements they have made this year.

July 2016

In literacy this week we have been reading the book 'The Light House Keeper's Lunch' by Ronda Armitage. We created story maps to help us remember the key events of the story.

July 2016

All the children in our foundation unit have been busy changing our role play area into a church. We have used cardboard and cellophane to create stained glass windows this week.

Spring 2016

May 2016

The reception class went on a school trip to Harlow Carr. We explored many areas of the garden and took part in the 'Incredible Edibles' workshop.

We had a great time-

Thank you to everyone who helped make this such a successful day! 



April 2016

Thank you to the families who supported our fund raising event this Saturday. Mrs Harland and I had such a lovely morning with the children who attended.

We had fun-


April 2016

We have loved reading 'The Gruffalo' this week and have used this book to inspire all areas of our learning.

We created a story map.

We worked out money addition problems to help the Gruffulo buy two items.

We made owl ice-cream in the mud kitchen.

 April 2016

We have been investigating in our 'Finding Out About Forests Area' this week. On Wednesday we put natural objects from the forest environment in this area for children to explore. Children were so excited about this they brought items from home to share with the rest of the class.


April 2016

The children are so excited with this terms topic, learning about the different environments we have in our world. Some lovely forest and underwater environments have been made at home and these inspired lots of children to have a go at creating their own in our craft area.

April 2016

We investigated our school grounds to look for signs of 'New Life' as part of our RE topic this term.  The children loved using our cameras to take pictures of what they discovered.


April 2016

A parent was so pleased that in the Easter holidays her child could re-tell the Easter story and shared with us what happened.

'At lunch we were all having a chat and Granny asked ''Why are hot cross buns connected to Easter?''. None of the adults could answer so the child said he knew why. He then went to tell the whole story of Easter and Jesus dying on the cross. When he finished the story he said ''The cross on the hot cross bun is to remind us all that Jesus died on the cross'.

March 2016

We have been learning about the Easter Story this week. A child in our class created a cross and said ''I found two sticks to make a cross. Jesus dies on the cross, he came alive again. The angel said 'Jesus is alive'. Judas got off his chair and told the guards where to get Jesus. They gave him a thorn of crowns''.

We made chocolate Easter nests and whilst making his own he recounted the Easter story  ''He went up to heaven to see his father. The stone it fell over. Jesus to the garden. He saw Mary crying for Jesus. He said 'don't worry because he is here'.

March 2016

Today we made Easter nests to take home. The children loved watching the chocolate melt, mixing the ingredients and decorating their nest.


March 2016

In Numeracy this week we each measured our own mini-me with uni-fix cubes.

March 2016

We have enjoyed listening to different versions of the traditional tale 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We created a story map to re-tell the story.

We have been learning about length in Numeracy this week.  In small groups we measured each other to find out who was the tallest and the shortest. Even Miss Miller and Mrs Webber had a go!!!

The Nursery children enjoyed mark making with chalk this week during their  'Write Dance' activity.

March 2016

We have been looking at patterns in our environment. Would you guess this is a wasp’s nest? We think these Wasps must have been very clever!!!

In numeracy we have been making repeating patterns.

With help from Mrs Webber we have been recycling worn books to create an outdoor reading space. It is starting to look fabulous!

Feb 2016

Our work on fairy tales and traditional stories linked perfectly with World Book Day.

Everyone in the Foundation Unit celebrated this day by dressing up as a character from their favourite book. Ms Martin found it very difficult to choose the winners. ‘Stick Man’, ‘Elmer’ and ‘The Crocodile Who Couldn’t Swim’ were picked as the best outfits.


Feb 2016

Kung hey fat choi

Happy Chinese New Year

Mrs Alder came and visited our class. She told us all about Chinese New Year. We listened to the traditional story which explains how they chose which animal represents each year. This year is the year of the Monkey. We learnt about how people celebrate in China. We were very busy this week creating Chinese dragons with different media and so much more…

Everyone had a turn at playing Chinese music and being a part of the dragon which danced around our playground.

We got to try on beautiful Chinese outfits.

It was very tricky eating noodles with chopsticks. We also tried spring rolls, tempura prawns, chicken satay, soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce. Some of us found it quite spicy!

We had a go at our own Chinese writing. It was very tricky.

Can you guess what fruit we had today?

Feb 1st 2016

The traditional story which we focused on this week was the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’.


We investigated the story through the different areas of the curriculum. This is what we have been doing…


Jan 25th 2016

This week in the Foundation Unit we had a special visitor from fairyland……Snow White. 

Snow White had been having fun with Sage over the weekend in Ripon and loved showing her his tree house. However, when we arrived on Monday to meet her she had vanished. All that was left was her suitcase in the cottage. Inside this bag were all different types of props from the story such as, a poisonous apple and a magic mirror.

We had fun……

Reading and watching other versions of the story.

Producing a puppet show.

Writing the story.

Describing the story to other children in our reading area.

Acting out and pretending to be the characters in the role play area.

 Can you guess what traditional story we will be learning about next? There are three animals in it looking for sweet grass…

Jan 18th 2016

In the Foundation Unit this week we have been creating Sage’s homes. All the children helped design and make a tree house for our outside area. We had to work as a team to build and decorate our wonderful construction. Did you notice a magical forest appear outside over the weekend ready for tree house?

Thank you for all the parents for being so generous in donating used shoe boxes, we have enough now. With these we have started to make a cottage. This is a work in progress task with the children modifying it at different stages of its development. Please feel welcome to have a look. 

Jan 5th 2016

This week we introduced our fairyland topic.

We thought we saw someone peeping in the window. When we went outside to explore, a magical creature was hiding beneath a table.






We wanted to find out who and where he was from. So we asked him lots of questions. We found out his name is Sage and he comes from Fairyland. Sage has lots of fairyland friends who we also would love to meet.

We have been so excited about our visitor that we could not wait to explain about his sudden appearance to the nursery group.

We wonder what adventures we will get up to with Sage?

July 2017We have also enjoyed spotting different insects in our outside area and looking for safe homes for them.