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Class 2

Spring Term 2019

Oh, to be a Victorian!

This term we will be travelling back in time and learning what life was like for children in Victorian times. The children have returned to school raring to go! 

Red Nose Day was lots of fun. We came to school in our own clothes, donning red noses if we had them and designed some red noses of our own. 
We carried on our learning about plants by finding out all about their lifecycles. We acted out what happens before producing a lifecycle of our own. 
We have received a reply from Jan Oke- the author that we wrote to earlier this term. We were very excited and she has written us a lovely detailed letter. 
In Science, we have started learning about plants. By the end of this topic we are hoping to use our new found knowledge to create a miniature Victorian garden! We have learnt about the different parts of a plant (petals, leaves, stem and roots) and the jobs that they do. We acted out being the different parts of a plant, observed daffodils to spot the parts and then created a plant collage of our own which we labelled. I think you'll agree the results look beautiful! 
We have loved linking our writing to the story 'Major Glad, Major Dizzy'. So much so that we wrote to the author to tell her all bout how much we liked her story. Fingers crossed we get a reply soon! 
In RE, just before half-term,  we started to think about Lent. We learnt about the different signs and symbols of Lent and what these mean. In our classroom window you can see a beautiful display of stained glass windows. We made these using the symbol of the cross and the colour purple. 






To complete our RE Unit on 'The Good News' we decided we wanted to share some of Jesus' Good News stories with the children in Foundation Stage. We worked in pairs to make a model of one of the stories that we have learnt about (Jairus' Daughter, The Feeding of the 5,000 and The Ten Lepers). We were then able to use our models to teach the children from Class 1 the story. They got to have a little play too. It was a lovely morning. 
To finish off our learning on light and dark, we worked in small groups to produce a shadow puppet show of a traditional tale. Shadow puppets were a form of Victorian entertainment. You will be able to see our puppeteers in action on our Victorian Day in April. 
Tuesday 5th February was Safer Internet Day. We talked about the different technology that the children use at home and they were very knowledgeable. We then read 'Buddy the Dog's Internet Safety Story'. The children were great at helping Ben make the right choices when he was using technology. They learnt a catchy song to remind them how to keep safe too. Please do talk to your children about keeping safe on the Internet at home. 
In English, we have started reading 'Major Glad, Major Dizzy' and are basing our next couple of weeks writing on this. The story follows the adventures of wooden soldiers dropped under the floorboards years ago. To kickstart our learning we made our own peg doll soldiers and sent them off in the classroom to get up to some mischief- just like they do in the story! They got up to all sorts like chilling in the 'hot tub', dancing with the princess, playing in the doll house and messing up the tea set in the sand! We wonder what they will get up to next? 
In Computing, we have explored editing one photo in lots of different ways using the iPads. We have displayed some of these in our shared area as a reminder of 'All different but all equal' from our mission statement. 
We have been further developing our pointillism technique by using our skills to complete a picture. The children showed great concentration and perseverance. I think we have a few budding artists among us! 
In RE, we have been learning about stories of times that Jesus has turned sadness into joy. One of the stories that we have looked at is 'The Feeding of the 5,000'. We acted out the story, made bread and made 'Good News' fish to show ways that we could spread the Good News of Jesus' love. The children came up with some really kind and thoughtful examples that really showed our school values. 
In Science, we have done lots of exciting, hands-on learning about shadows. Through exploring and investigating, we have discovered that shadows can be changed depending on where the light source is, how close the light source is and what material an object is made from. The children have been giving some great  explanations using scientific vocabulary. Well done! 
Taking selfies was the order of the day in Computing. We used the iPads to take a selfie of ourselves and then edited it so that it was black and white to give it a Victorian feel. We also learnt how to use the edit feature to add text and wrote our names. The Victorian gallery will be appearing soon in our classroom and shared area! 
In Science, we have been learning some very impressive scientific vocabulary. Our challenge was to design a monocle. Working in groups we used different materials and had to find the most suitable material for the monocle lens. Some of the materials were translucent, some were transparent and some were opaque. Our conclusion was that the transparent materials would make the most useful monocles. 
In Art, we have continued our work on pointillism by moving on to using the technique with paint. We painted hearts and will display them in our shared area at school with the different people that we are 'Learning to Love'. 
In Art, we have been looking at the technique of Pointillism which is used by the Victorian artist Georges Seurat. We explored using the technique with pencil crayons to colour in a picture. Our colour wheels gave use the chance to explore colour mixing. The primary colours of red, blue and yellow on the wheel were mixed to create the secondary colours of green, orange and purple. 


We have launched our topic with a fantastic visit to Ripon Workhouse Museum. We got the chance to experience what life would have been like if we had been a child living in the workhouse in Victorian times. Lots of activities were on offer and we tried our hand at planting, rag rugging, completing chores and playing games. Our schoolroom session gave us a real taste of school life in Victorian times which was very different to now! What an informative and exciting day! Thank you to the children for behaving so beautifully and to all of the staff at Ripon Workhouse Museum. 






Autumn Term 2018

Our topic for Autumn term is 'We can be Heroes'. We are trying to have a particular focus on heroes in our local area.


Class 2 enjoyed a wonderful Christmas party this week. We played musical bumps, musical statues, the chocolate game, corners and had a dance competition. We followed this up with crown making and a party tea.  The children were all extremely well behaved. Thank you for all the kind food donations. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. 

Class 2 have been practising their sewing skills. We have used a running stitch to make a puppet. The children showed real resilience as it is not an easy skill to master. Check back on our class page to see the finished products. 


The children became chocolatiers for the morning. Lee Rushforth from Bear and Mouse Chocolate, came to work with the children. He explained to them how chocolate is made and then it was time for the practical part. They were able to smell and taste a variety of chocolate and toppings and even produced their own chocolate lollies and bars. Thank you to Lee for giving up his time. The children (and staff) had a wonderful chocolate-filled day. 

Forest Schools fun! 


We have been having lots of fun exploring the outdoors. 


Class 2 spent a lovely afternoon at Ripon library. Claire, the librarian, read some stories to us and told us all about the library and the different things you can do there. After that, we got some time to explore the books in the library. Claire showed us how to use the poster and numbers on the books to find the types of books that we were interested in. It was so lovely to watch the children sharing books with their friends and the adults and to see how engaged they were with reading. Claire commented on how they clearly love books! 

The children also got some time to explore other activities on offer in the library such as colouring and the picture book quiz. 


Class 2 had a great time at their first Forest School session, making natural collages and exploring the mud kitchen. 




In PE we have started a Gymnastics unit. We have spent the first week learning the different shapes that we will need to use: 'pike', 'tuck' and 'straddle'. We have also concentrated really hard on ensuring that we have 'good toes' not 'bad toes'. 


In RE we have been thinking about things that make us wonder. After listening to the song 'Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong, we worked with a partner to make models of wonderful things in our world. The children's creations were brilliant and varied from drones to flowers. 

We then listened to a poem by Jeannie Kirby about things that make us wonder. After listening to the poem, we realised that some questions or wonders cannot be answered. Coming up with our own wonders was really interesting and we drew pictures of them and used them to illustrate the poem.


This week we have been learning all about Remembrance Day. We talked about the meaning of the different colours on the poppy and the fact that the poppy is a symbol of hope. Class 2 and 3's Field of Hope is on display outside school. Please have a look. It looks beautiful. We have collaged poppies and written hopes for ourselves, our families and the world onto leaves. 
Class 2 have been on a visit to Ripon Fire Station. We learnt all about the different ways that firefighters help people and were lucky enough to all get the chance to have a go at putting out a 'fire' with the hose. Lots of equipment and demonstrations were shown to us and think that the firefighters do an amazing job. Thank you to all the staff at the fire station for a really informative and entertaining morning. 


In topic this week we have started learning about the Wright Brothers who achieved the first powered airplane flight. As an introduction to the topic, Mrs Thorpe set us a challenge to see if we could make our own aeroplanes using lollipop sticks, craft sticks, card, pegs and glue. Working in pairs, we showed some really good team work.  We came up with lots of interesting designs. Once we had finished, we tested them out in the school hall to see which ones could 'fly' the furthest. We are looking forward to learning more about the Wright Brothers and their endeavours. 
On the last day of the half-term we painted our printed clay designs. They look really effective! Now we just need to thread them so that we can hang them as decorations. 

Linked to our senses learning in Science, we have made our own version of a 'That's not my...' book. We added different textures to each page for people to explore. 



In RE, we have been learning about some of our new house Saints. We learnt about Saint Teresa's life and designed her rosettes as awards for all the amazing things that she has done. 


We have also learnt about Saint John Paul. We looked at the Papal flag and retold events from his life in comic strip format. 

Class 2 have been to Ripon Cathedral. We followed a Cathedral trail and learnt some really interesting facts. We also visited the 'Fields of Mud, Seeds of Hope' exhibition which we found fascinating. 

On Friday, we carried on our learning about printing by using clay. We explored different objects and the type of marks they made in the clay. We then chose a design and left it to dry. Next week we will paint them and turn them into hanging decorations. 

In PE we have been learning to "Attack, Defend, Shoot'. Attacking came quite naturally as we all really wanted to score. We had to work a bit harder on our defending but we have made great progress across the half-term. Mrs Thorpe is really proud of us all. There has been lots of great team work going on. Well done Class 2!



In Art, we have been making monoprints. We used Autumnal colours of red, orange and yellow to make prints of things that we had seen on our walk in Spa Gardens such as leaves, conkers, flowers and acorns. They look really effective and we are really proud of them! 

We have also learnt about Andy Warhol and his 'Pop Art' style. We used this as inspiration to display some outdoor rubbings that we had made. Very striking! 


Today we went on a walking Ripon tour. We started off in Spa Gardens where we looked at the Lewis Carroll and World War 1 monuments. After that, we looked for signs of Autumn and made an autumnal nature bag to take back to school. Once we had had a quick snack, we continued our walk to the Market Square. Here we looked at the Obelisk and acted out the things that our Hornblower visitor talked to us about last week. We also spotted some other buildings of importance such as the Town Hall and the Wakeman House cafe which was the house of Hugh Ripley- the first Mayor and last Wakeman of Ripon. It was lovely to be able to see first hand some of the places that we have learnt and heard about. 


On our return to school, linked to our Geography work on maps, we made pictorial maps to show our journey. We drew pictures of the different places that we had visited. 

There's a Doctor calling! Mrs O'Cofaigh visited us today to talk to us all her about her job. We learnt about how she became a doctor and the different things that she does to help people. It was a really hands on experience that the children loved. Thank you Mrs O'Cofaigh. 
Continuing our science learning on the senses, today we focussed on sight. We took part in lots of different activities that needed us to use our sense of sight. We used magnifying glasses to look at objects and talked about how this effected what we could see. We also played Kim's game where we put our memories to the test trying to remember what objects we had seen on a tray before it was covered. We also had the chance to go into a dark tent to experience what it is like to not be able to see properly. The activities helped us to realise and appreciate just how important our sense of sight is to us! 

It has been a busy day for visitors in Class 2. This morning we had a visit from an author called Eleanor McKone. She came in to read us the very first book that she has written. We found out lots of things about Australia, particularly some of the animals there.  

In the afternoon we had a visit from the Mayor's Sergeant and a Hornblower. They talked to us all about the tradition of the Hornblower in Ripon. We are looking forward to seeing some of the places that they mentioned on our Ripon walk next week. After hearing about the conversation that the Hornblower and the Mayor have every evening, we practised acting this out in small groups. 



Mrs Thorpe has had a tough week. Mr Thorpe made a mess of her tea the other night so she couldn't have anything to eat. He made it taste really sour! Class 2 were set the task of using their sense of taste to try the different ingredients that he might have muddled in. Some of the ingredients were salty, some were sweet, some were sour and some were bitter. We tried each ingredient and sorted them into groups. We managed to work out that Mr Thorpe had mixed lemons and limes into the recipe! 


In Science, we have started learning about our senses. We are thinking about how our senses help us and other people.

Unfortunately, there has been a crime at St. Wilfrid's. Somebody has stolen Mrs Borchard's coffee!! Class 2 were tasked with the challenge to find out 'whodunnit!' 


Mrs Thorpe collected evidence from various classrooms around school and the children used their sense of smell to work out which cup had the missing coffee in it! They also guessed what lots of the other things were too. 


The children did a fantastic job and managed to deduce that the criminal was.... Mrs Alderson!! Mrs Borchard has now been happily reunited with her coffee. 


In Art, we are looking at printing. For our first lesson, we explored using different objects to print with to see which effects we liked the best. We are going to learn different printing techniques and use them to produce some Autumnal pictures. 

In topic, we have been learning about aerial photographs. We looked at different aerial photographs of places in Ripon and tried to guess where they were. We then labelled the features that we could see. Then, we worked as part of a team to build a model of a place in Ripon and took an aerial photograph of it using the iPad. After that, we looked on google maps aerial view and were very excited to see our school! 

In Science, we are learning about our body. We have learnt the names of lots of different body parts. We labelled our friends and had a great time!


We also made up our own versions of the song 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' in small groups. 


Summer Term


We went on a visit to Ripon market this morning. To finish off our topic on Africa we bought some African artefacts from one of the stalls. The children had great fun looking at the prices of different items, paying and getting change from the stall holder. Plus, they ended up with a lovely memento of our learning.

Thank you for all of your support this year. I hope that you have a lovely, fun-filled summer. 

We had a lovely morning at our African workshop today. We invited parents in to share our learning from the term. We made African jewellery, African snacks, played the African drums, looked at African stories and listened to our audio book on the whiteboard. Thank you to all the parents that joined us. The children really enjoyed it. 

Sports day was a huge success. It was wonderful to see the children encouraging and supporting one another and working collaboratively as part of a team. We took part in lots of different events such as hurdles, egg and spoon, obstacle course and javelin. We then had the opportunity to take part in running races. Everybody was in great spirits! Four children were chosen from each year group who had displayed respect, passion, self-belief and determination. Well done everybody! 

We have had a very busy, exciting week for Sports Week and been blessed with amazing weather to boot! We still have our whole school Sports Day to look forward to aswell!! 

We got to try out lots of different karate moves with Mr Baker. We learnt a grab, high block, low block, high kick, round kick and lots of different karate stances. 

In our dance session with Mrs Plunkett, we demonstrated great team work as we came up with our own moves for the dance in small groups. At the end of the session, each group performed their dance for the rest of the children. 

Parachute games are so much fun. We collaborated like Tim and Tina to try and get the ball through the parachute hole. We also played swap, cat and mouse and made waves with the parachute. 

Mrs Borchard put together an obstacle course for us. It was great practice for Sports Day on Friday. Those space hoppers really worked our leg muscles! Mrs Borchard and Mrs Thorpe even had a go. 


Tuesday was World Cup morning for Lower School. Each child was assigned to a team, which was named after a country. All the Year 1 teams played one another, all the Year 2 teams and all the Year 3 teams. We also had the opportunity to spent some time with the Year 6's who taught us some football skills during our breaks, as well as making sure that we got plenty of shade and water in our heatwave! 


The winning team from each year group was awarded a trophy. An additional trophy was given for great sportsmanship and teamwork. Remember it's the taking part that counts! 

We had a great session with Mr Powell. We used the tennis courts across the road from school and learnt how to hold a racket and practised throwing and hitting the ball over the net. It was lovely to make use of such a wonderful facility that is literally on our doorstep. Mr Powell was very impressed with us. Wimbledon, watch out! 


We have been practising yoga to develop our balance, strength, stamina and wellbeing. One session focussed on us 'Training like a Jedi'. 


Give it a go at home! 




In our second yoga session, we made links with our Africa topic and made animal shapes and moves. Can you guess which African animals or landscapes we are being?


(tree, giraffe, lion and flamingo)

Amazing Africa!

As part of Refugee Week, we took part in a reflective walk.  We read stories about different children who were refugees and added an object to a prayer table to symbolise things that refugees often miss. The children were really sensible and respectful during each lap of their walk and had some really interesting and thoughtful conversations about what it might be like to be a refugee. Back in the classroom, we made prayer hands. Inside we wrote a small prayer about something that we are thankful for. As a class, Class 2 walked 32 miles which will be added to the CAFOD website as our contribution towards their 24,900 mile target. Well done Class 2!

During our science lessons, we have been putting our outdoor environment to good use. In pairs, we went into the woodland area and had to find things that were alive, things that were dead and things that have never been alive. Pooters helped us to collect some of the alive things so that we could have a closer look at them. Back in the classroom, we sorted all of the things that we had found into groups. There was lots of awe and wonder on display and the children were delighted with their findings! 


We then went on to design an I-Spy sheet for the Foundation Stage children to use during a woodland walk in our outdoor area. We based our ideas on the things that we had found in our previous session. We can't wait to see which things the Foundation Stage children manage to find! 

We have finished weaving our butterflies. Using a figure of 8, we wove wool around two lollypop sticks. The effect is really striking! 
We had a wonderful visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The children had the opportunity to have a hands on experience holding animals such as cockroaches, leopard geckos and African land snails. 
We took part in a workshop run by the staff at the park. In the workshop, we learnt about different habitats and how animals are adapted to live in certain places. Did you know that camels shed their fur in summer? We got the chance to hold and smell some fur if we wanted to. Stinky!
During our trip, we applied our map reading skills to follow an alphabet trail around the park. We learnt lots of interesting facts about a variety of animals and got to see them up close. We talked about the different things that we could see in each animal's habitat to meet their needs. 

We have been doing an amazing job in our Computing sessions. Based on the book 'We All Went On Safari', we have made our own audio book. We drew on our skills from last term to draw a picture

for the book using a paint program and then added text to it. Using the ipad, we then recorded audio to add to our page. Mrs Thorpe then put it all together using the iMovie app. We hope you agree the result is brilliant! Scan the code using a QR reader app on your phone and

follow the link to view our audio book. If you need any help just see Mrs Thorpe. 

As well as making a great start to our Amazing Africa! topic, we have celebrated lots of other special events. 


Northern Ballet came to see us. They showed us some of the dance moves from their 'Ugly Duckling' performance. We moved like ducklings, frogs and swans and had a brilliant time! Thank you Northern Ballet. 

We have also celebrated St. George's day by decorating biscuits to look like St George's shield. 


The Royal Wedding was an amazing occasion! We came to school dressed as princes, princesses and wearing red, white and blue. We made flags and bunting and enjoyed a street party style lunch with the rest of the school outside. 


We also used our maths skills to help Harry and Meghan with their wedding planning. We designed seating arrangements, cakes and jam tarts. Lots of maths skills were on show, including fractions, division and addition. Great maths Class 2! 

We really enjoyed our African drumming workshop. We learnt about ways to make high and low sounds on the djembe drums. Our day was completed with a  performance in front of the parents and school. Thank you to Alison from Drums Agogo and to the parents for your voluntary contributions. 
In Art, we have been using Africa as our inspiration. We have made some amazing lion masks using pastels and paper folding techniques. Just before half term we started weaving to make African butterflies. 
We have been using google and atlases to find out about the seven continents. We have also labelled different countries in Africa. Lots of the stories we have read in our English lessons were set in Kenya, so we really enjoyed finding this country on the map! 

Spring Term

Secret Garden

In Computing, we have been learning how to use a paint program to draw pictures. We used the paint program to make pictures to go with our alternative versions to 'The Enormous Turnip'. 


Some children also moved onto using the paint program to type the title for their story. 
We have been learning about how seeds are dispersed. We made burrs using playdough and sticks to demonstrate how they would stick to an animal's fur. We also showed how sycamore seeds would travel using wind by making 'helicopters'.  
We went on a school trip to Beningbrough Hall and Gardens. It rained for most of the day but we didn't let that 'dampen' our spirits! We learnt how to tell the age of a tree by measuring the trunk. 
We explored different herbs using our senses. We described what we could see, smell, taste and feel using some really interesting adjectives. 
We made our own pots out of newspaper and planted seeds into them. We took them home to watch how they grow. Hopefully, they grow better than our beans did in school! We also used the descriptive words we had come up with to make a large collage of our own secret garden. 
In English, we worked in groups to design our own secret gardens. We imagined what would be behind the door and used different construction kits to make them. We then wrote about them using noun phrases. 

London's Burning!

We have had a surprising amount of snow! We made the most of it by getting outside and exploring what happened to the snow over time. We had great fun!
In the first half of Spring Term we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. To launch our topic, we had a workshop in school. We all designed our own buildings and then set them up as a London street. We learnt about how the layout of the buildings and the weather conditions made the fire spread more quickly. 

Autumn Term

For Remembrance Day, we made poppies. We have displayed them in our school window to look like a field of poppies. We talked about how the poppy was a sign of hope for the soldiers. 
In English, we designed our own pirate settings. We thought about different noun phrases that we could use to describe them. 
Next, we are going to use our settings to create our own pirate adventure stories. 
For Anti-bullying week we made friendship bracelets. We used straws and string. We then exchanged bracelets with a friend and said something that we liked about them. 
We have been learning how to programme a Bee-Bot. We explored the different ways that a Bee-Bot can move. We found it moves forwards and backwards and can turn left and right. We have to remember to clear it's memory each time!
We then used what we had found out to direct the Bee-Bot around a treasure map. He visited mountains, a mermaid, a sword, a treasure chest and a parrot!
To launch our Pirates topic, we went on a trip to Hartlepool Maritime Museum. We had a tour of The Trincomalee and learned about the different jobs and artefacts on the ship. We held a jawbreaker that they would have used to silence misbehaving children!
We took part in a variety of pirate workshops. We cracked secret codes, tied knots and looked at mystery pirate objects. 
We dressed up as pirates and learnt some pirate sayings. 

June 2017

In topic, we have looked at different types of houses. We found that some of us live in detached, some of us live in terraced, some of us live in semi-detached and some of us live in flats.

We also looked at houses around the world- some children live in tree houses!


We used what we had learnt about different houses and designed our own. We used 3D shapes to do this and labelled our designs with the shapes that we had used.

Before half-term we looked at Performance Poetry in English. In small groups, we acted out different poems using actions, instruments and our voices.

Everybody's building -May 2017

We worked in groups to make three different shaped towers. We made one triangular, one circular and one squared. We then tested how many books each tower could hold. 
Our circular tower managed to hold 106 books. Amazing!

In pairs, we used split pins and orange strips of paper to make different 2D shapes and test how strong they were. We worked out that we couldn't make an oblong or a circle because the strips we were allowed to use were straight and all the same length. We made triangles, hexagons, pentagons, squares and diamonds. We found that the triangle was the strongest shape because it kept it's shape, whereas you could change the shape of the others. 

We then used the triangle to make the other shapes stronger. 
We have been looking at different ways that we can change the shapes of things. We used playdough and found that if we twisted, squeezed, squashed, rolled or flatten it that it's shape changed. 
We then worked in groups to design a bridge to get the Three Billy Goats Gruff across the river. We were only allowed to use paper, art straws and tape. We had to make sure that our bridge wouldn't be flattened or squashed like the playdough was!
We tested how many Billy Goats each bridge could hold, while the hungry troll lurked underneath the bridge. Some of our bridges managed to hold 6 Billy Goats. Others did not manage to hold any. We thought about why this might be and decided that next time we could make our bridges stronger by giving them a wider base, using art straws as a platform instead of paper and folding paper to make it stronger. 

May 2017

On the very first day of the summer term we were treated to a visit from Shrikant. He taught us different shapes and movements and we created an Indian dance. The moves were really fun and the music was very catchy! I hope your children have shared their dance at home with you. 
To celebrate Tour de Yorkshire we decorated bicycle biscuits that Mrs Webber had very kindly baked for us. 
We decorated them using blue and yellow icing. We hope you all had a wonderful time watching the Tour come through our beautiful city!
We have been designing and making shelters to keep The Three Little Pigs dry. We tested three different materials: plastic, fabric and paper. We had to make sure that we kept certain things the same so that it was a fair test. We worked in small groups to design and make our three shelters. 
We tested the shelters by pouring water on them. We decided that the plastic shelter kept the little pigs the driest because it was waterproof, strong and didn't have holes in. We had great fun!

April 2017

To practise our Learning Power of cooperation, we played the hoop game. We had to pass the hoop around the circle without letting go of our friend's hands. It was really good fun and quite tricky but we got faster and faster every time the hoop went around the circle. Class 2 are great at cooperating like Tim and Tina! 
We have been using our orienteering skills from PE in our topic lessons. We had to use the map of the school grounds to find different parts of a timeline of Captain Cook's life. We then put the events in order and acted them out. 
We used the Beebot to travel around Captain Cook's treasure map. Beebot can move left, right, forwards and backwards and we had to program him with the right directions to get from one place to another. Success! 

We have been busy making Easter decorations from clay. First, we had to roll out the clay and leave it to dry. 

Then we designed and decorated them using paint. 
Once they are dry we will thread them so that they can be hung up at home. We think they look great!

March 2017 - Captain Cook

Captain Cook came to visit and we were all aboard scrubbing the decks and hoisting the sails.
Here are the class weighing the anchor and preparing to set sail.