St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School Ripon


Academic Year 2022-23


Spring Term

For Children's Mental Health Week we held a special Wellbeing Day. We did activities linked to the 5 Ways to Well-Being: Connect, Give, Learn, Be Active and Take Notice. We built a class web made from giving one another compliments, we took part in a noticing hunt around the grounds of school, we learnt some greetings in Makaton and we got active using our new skipping ropes. 


In Computing we have been handling data. We collected data about people's favourite animals on a tally chart. We then represented this data on pictograms, bar charts and block graphs and pie charts using the Junior Toolkit programme. 




In Geography we have been learning about the weather. We learnt about the job of a weather forecast and all the weather-related vocabulary in them. We then worked with a partner to create a weather forecast of our own which we presented to the class. We have also been developing our atlas skills. We have learnt about the continents and oceans of the world and located them in an atlas. 



 In Science we have been learning about light. We have learnt about how light travels and have explored using mirrors to reflect light into different places We have also conducted an investigation to find out how we can change the size of shadows.