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Summer Term 2021

Today we had a visit from Ryan from Owl Adventures, who had brought along some interesting creatures, including some which are native to Madagascar. The children enjoyed learning about some of the animals linked to our topic on Africa but they were also able to use their scientific knowledge about carnivores and omnivores. The children were able to see cockroaches, a corn snake, an eagle owl, a tarantula and a very cheeky harrier hawk!

In computing, we have been using a paint program called Kleki to create pictures from some of the African stories that we have been reading in English. The children produced some fantastic pictures! 
Skipping is a great way to stay fit and active and the children have enjoyed perfecting their skills. We have set skipping challenges and organised races. It is a super workout and great fun! 
Mrs Mars kindly gave us some caterpillars and we have been watching them grow. Over the Easter holidays they went into their chrysalides and after a couple of weeks they turned into Painted Lady butterflies. The children enjoyed observing them before we released them into the wild for the life cycle to begin again! 
The children enjoyed using collage techniques in Art to create a Jack and the Beanstalk inspired picture. There were some super beanstalks! 

Autumn Term 2020

The children have been having great fun doing Forest School activities this half term. They have built dens, sang around the camp fire, made wooden models and toasted marshmallows! 


To develop our understanding of our local area and to practise our map reading skills we did the Green Man Trail around Spa Gardens. The faces were well hidden and the children did very well to spot so many. If you decide as a family to do the Green Man Trail follow the link below, there are approximately 30 to find! 


We linked our Science investigation to our pirate topic by investigating which materials would be best for making a boat. We predicted which materials would sink and which would float, before testing the 'pirate ships' on the water. Some boats were even able to hold a passenger! 


The children enjoyed creating Arcimboldo inspired pictures using different types of fruit and vegetables. It's amazing how different the faces look as a result of the food items selected. We love the broccoli hair! 



Spring Term 2019


As part of Ripon Cathedral's Outreach programme the class were invited to a lunchtime concert, an organ recital. It was a great opportunity for the children to hear classical pieces being played on such a grand instrument. 

As part of our Science learning the children have been looking at the properties of rocks. In studying a variety of rocks the children were able to describe the features using words such as smooth, shiny, crumbly and brittle. The children also enjoyed learning the names of the different rocks as some of them are very unusual! 

In Art, the children have been creating 'Under the Sea' creatures and landscapes using collage techniques. Later on in the term they will be focusing on the artist Monet, continuing the theme of water. 

To launch our topic 'Water, Water, Everywhere!' the children went on an exciting educational visit to Ripon Canal. They had the opportunity to operate the locks, go for a ride on a canal boat and walk down the towpath. 

Autumn Term 2019

Last week we had a visit from Hull Scrapstore. They collect unwanted everyday items which can then be reused and recycled, therefore reducing the amount of waste going to landfill sites. Class 2 and Class 3 used the items to make lots of different animals, inspired by the story 'The Kapok Tree' which is all about saving the rainforests. The children had a great day but they also learnt a lot about how they can reduce waste and protect the environment.

Linked to our topic about the Environment we carried out a litter picking search of the local area. It was surprising how much litter the children found and we had some valuable discussions about the items that could be recycled. The wet weather didn't dampen the children's enthusiasm and they did a great job, ably assisted by Sixth Form students from Ripon Grammar School.

Class 3 are having a great time doing Forest School activities. This week they were inspired by the story 'Leaf Man' to create their own characters using natural materials. See if you can spot a butterfly, a cat, a duck and perhaps even Rudolph in the pictures below. The children were also excited to see a real hedgehog and a frog this week!

During Judaism week, the children have been learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles). During Sukkot, Jewish people remember when God freed them from slavery in Egypt. The children have had the opportunity to build Sukkahs (temporary homes made out of dry leaves and branches), sample bread and honey, study symbols linked to Judaism and build their own synagogues. The children have really enjoyed learning about a different religion.


To conclude our Chocolate topic we had a Chocolate Shop. The children prepared all of the chocolate treats themselves, from writing the instructions to making and selling items. The children decorated buns, made chocolate crispies and dipped marshmallows in melted chocolate. The classroom certainly resembled Willy Wonka's chocolate factory! Thank you to all of the families who were able to attend. 


The Year 3 children were invited to attend 'The Great Big Book Hullabaloo' an event organised by the Little Ripon Bookshop. Harry Heape and Nick East (both published authors) were able to provide an insight into the life of an author, from their inspiration for writing, their development of ideas through to the illustrations in their books. The children themselves were able to experience being an illustrator when they were shown how to draw a weasel by Nick East. We have some very talented Year 3s, as the pictures below show.