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Summer Term 2019 - Tell Me A Tale!

To launch our topic 'Tell Me a Tale' we went to Bolton Castle. The children had the opportunity to learn about life in a castle, to try out medieval outfits (including armour and chain mail) and experience being a soldier using spears and bows! We also learnt some facts about Mary Queen of Scots who is an historical figure that we will be focusing on this term. We had an amazing day!


Spring Term 2019 - Oh to be a Victorian!

To conclude our topic for this term we had a Victorian Day. The children experienced life in a Victorian classroom and they had to master writing with chalk, writing with their right hand (as writing with your left hand was not permitted in a Victorian classroom!) and using a Copperplate style of writing. The children were surprised by how strict the teachers were and those who did not try hard in their learning had to wear a Dunce hat, which included some of the parents! There was also the opportunity to try gruel, but surprisingly not one person asked for more!
As part of our Victorian Day the children also enjoyed playing some of the traditional Victorian games. These included Oranges and Lemons, Skipping and Hopscotch.


Continuing our Science topic about plants, we 'branched' out and went to study the different varieties of trees in Spa Gardens. Initially we had to look for evidence which would help us to decide if the trees were deciduous or evergreen before looking more closely at the leaves as we tried to identify the different types of tree. The children were fantastic Science detectives and they found lots of evidence including different types of seeds, flowers and leaves.


In our Science topic this term we will be learning about plants. We launched the topic by looking at the different parts of a plant and discussed the important job that each part has in helping the plant to grow. We then used a range of materials to create our own 'plants' and the children had some fantastic ideas about how the different materials could be used to create the different parts.


In English we have been using the book 'Major Glad, Major Dizzy to inspire us with our writing. The story is about two wooden soldiers who have lots of adventures and can also be quite mischievous! To really understand the characters in the story the children made their own wooden peg doll soldiers and when Mrs Hakes was out of class, they got up to all kinds of mischief! 


In Science we used what we have learnt about shadows to retell the story of Chinese New Year using shadow puppets. The children created their own shadow puppets before retelling the story. Can you recognise any of the animals from their shadows?


In Computing we have been using iPads to take photographs, before using the editing tools to add text and use effects. The children had great fun exploring the different effects and creating their own self portrait galleries. Here are a few examples and there are more displayed in school.


Continuing our Science topic about 'Light and Dark' we explored how the position of a light source can lengthen or shorten an object's shadow. The children made their own models using tin foil before observing the length of the shadows by changing the position of the light source. It was amazing to see how scary the shadows could be when the light was close to an object, making it appear to be much bigger!


In Art we have been studying the work of Georges Seurat. Linked to our learning about Mary Poppins we decided to create our own umbrella art using pointillism (the technique used by Seurat). The children used a variety of tools to help add 'dots' to their pictures, including thin paintbrushes and cotton buds. There was fantastic concentration and we were very happy with the end result.


In Science we have started looking at Light and Shadow. We investigated a range of materials to see if they were transparent, translucent or opaque by designing a Victorian monocle. We used bubble wrap, tissue paper, plastic bags, felt and paper. The children had great fun making their monocle using pipe cleaners and testing the different materials.


To launch our Victorian topic we went to the Ripon Workhouse Museum. We all had a fantastic time and it was interesting to learn about the lives of children during the Victorian era. During our visit we were able to experience life in a Victorian schoolroom and we all agreed that schoolteachers were very strict then! We also had the opportunity to complete everyday chores such as sweeping the floors, polishing the brasses and cleaning the shoes. We also learnt that times weren't always hard and that children were sometimes allowed to play games. We had fun playing 'Hunt the Thimble', 'Oranges and Lemons' and skittles where wooden posts were used and a potato replaced the ball!


Autumn Term 2018

Merry Christmas!

The children have enjoyed all of the Christmas events this week. There was some great dancing at the party and some strong competition in Musical Bumps and Musical Statues. A fun time was had by all!


Thank you for all of your support this term and Merry Christmas!


Chocolatier Visit

We were very fortunate to have a visit from Lee - the owner of the 'Bear and Mouse Chocolate Company'. He was able to demonstrate how chocolate is used to make a variety of different products and he was able to explain the process of how chocolate is made. He also explained the importance of tempering chocolate to make it the right consistency.


After a brief demonstration the children were able to sample some of the mouth watering chocolate before they decorated their own chocolate bars and lollies. The children had an amazing afternoon and there may well be some future chocolatiers in Class 3! We are very grateful to Lee for sharing his time and expertise. 


Library Visit

During our visit to Ripon Library we were able to learn about borrowing books and we also had time to browse the different sections of the library. Louise read a funny story called 'Danny McGee Drinks the Sea' and we also listened to one of Roald Dahl's revolting rhymes. The children also had the opportunity to sit and enjoy reading a variety of books, perhaps texts recommended by their friends or new authors such as Jessica Ennis-Hill. A very informative visit and thank you to Ripon Library for having us.



We continued our learning about the Wright brothers by acting out significant events linked to their invention of the aeroplane. There was some great collaboration and the children really enjoyed playing the different roles. This included spectators, the brothers themselves and aeroplanes! We edited the photos to make it more realistic for the period of history that we are studying. 



As part of our Science learning we have been looking at the properties of different materials and how they can be used. The children had great fun exploring the different ways in which they could stretch, roll, twist, mould and shape the different materials.

The children found that the salt dough was easy to roll and mould into different shapes.

Blu Tac was easy to manipulate aswell and the children were able to make some interesting models with it. Here is Blu Tac Man!

We found that the slime was the hardest material to make shapes with. However, we enjoyed stretching it in many different directions, despite it being very sticky!


Taking Flight!

As part of the history curriculum, the children need to learn about significant events and individuals. The children have started to learn about the Wright Brothers and how they invented the first aeroplane. To introduce this topic we gave the children the opportunity to be inventors themselves. Using only lollipop sticks,pegs, artstraws and card they had to design and make an aeroplane. The children were very creative with their designs and all prototypes were able to fly successfully although some models had to make a crash landing!


Ripon Fire Station Visit

Continuing our topic 'We Could Be Heroes' we went to meet some local heroes by visiting Ripon Fire Station. The children learnt about the different ways in which firefighters help people. They were able to watch a demonstration of how people are rescued from tall buildings and they also learnt more about the equipment involved in water rescues and also how people can be rescued from vehicles involved in traffic collisions. We are very grateful to the firefighters for their time and also for the great service that they provide - they are true heroes and an inspiration to others.

Whilst visiting the fire station the children also had the opportunity to experience being a firefighter for themselves, an activity which they all enjoyed!


Ripon Cathedral

We took the children to see the unique sculptural piece called 'Fields of Mud, Seeds of Hope' which was commissioned to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War One and is currently displayed in Ripon Cathedral. We were fortunate enough to meet Dan Metcalfe, the artist who designed and made the

sculpture. The children listened intently while he described how it was created.

 'Lest We Forget'




This term the children have been developing games skills using 'Attack, Defend and Shoot' techniques. The children have really enjoyed trying to score and they have valued the importance of working as a team to do so. A great way to exercise and also great fun!



Tour of Ripon

This week the children enjoyed a walking tour of Ripon. They were able to see key landmarks such as the Obelisk, the Market Square, the Wakeman's House, Town Hall and Spa Gardens. Whilst we were in the Spa Gardens we also looked for signs of Autumn. The weather was perfect for playing in the leaves! 


People Who Help Us

Mrs O'Cofaigh came into school today to talk to the children about her job. She discussed the important role she has in helping people as a specialist doctor. The children learnt about the skills needed to be a doctor and some of the pupils were able to experience being actual patients! We are very grateful to Mrs O'Cofaigh for giving up her time to come and share her expertise. Thank you from Class 3!



As part of our topic 'We could be Heroes' we invited representatives from the Ripon Hornblowers to talk about the history of the tradition with the children. They learnt about the importance of the horn in warning people of a possible attack and that the tradition started over 1000 years ago. Follow this link to learn more:



Continuing our learning about the senses, the children used their sense of taste to complete a Investigation. Mr. Hakes had accidentally added the wrong ingredient whilst making dinner making the food taste very different! Could the children identify the ingredient using only their sense of taste? They had a variety of items to taste and they had to consider whether they were sweet, spicy, bitter or sour. The children certainly enjoyed sampling the chocolate buttons, but the Marmite and pickled onions proved less popular, especially as many thought that the Marmite looked like chocolate spread on appearance!



As part of our learning about the senses the children had to solve a ‘crime’ using only their sense of smell. Mrs Borchard’s coffee had been stolen from the staff room and all of the teachers were suspects! The evidence was collected from the cups left in the staff room, all of which contained different objects and the children had to decide which teacher had the coffee using only their sense of smell.

The children enjoyed using their sense of smell, although they weren’t keen on the chilli powder smell! The crime was solved and the guilty teacher was...


Summer Term

Ripon Market

To conclude our African topic the children enjoyed a trip to Ripon market where they were able to purchase an African souvenir from a stall there. Their purchases included musical instruments, jewellery and African themed ornaments. Some pupils even bought notebooks made from banana leaves!

African Safari

Thank you to all of the families who joined us for our African Safari morning. The children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you all and we hope you also had a lovely time.  Thank you for all of your support and have a great Summer!

Sports Week

It was great to finish Sports Week with Sports Day. The children showed huge determination and sportsmanship during all of the activities. They should be proud of all that they achieved. Well done everyone! 





The children had the opportunity to learn some of the basic moves and techniques involved in karate. Mrs Hakes also tried to master the high kick!




The children participated in an African themed yoga lesson in which they practised exercises to improve their posture, tone and general well being. Yoga positions included ‘The Giraffe’, ‘The Flamingo’ and ‘The Zebra’. We all found it very relaxing.



Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We had an amazing time at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The children had the opportunity to learn more about African animals whilst also learning more about animal habitats and how animals adapt to their environment. The weather was also kind to us which added to our enjoyment of the day. 



In Science, the children enjoyed going on a nature walk to collect and observe a variety of specimens. This included twigs, leaves, feathers, insects and other mini beasts. They used pooter jars to collect some of the specimens and they made many interesting discoveries!


Back in the classroom the children had to group items according to whether they were living, dead or had never lived. The worms and centipedes were very much alive!

Amazing Africa


The children had a fantastic time in the Drums Agogo workshop. They learnt all about the different types of African drums, including the djembe and the dundun. 


They were able to perfect a range of drumming techniques, performing an ostinato as a group. 

Amazing Africa

In computing we created an audio book to support younger pupils with counting to ten. Linked to our African topic, the children named the book ‘Going on Safari’.


The children used Paint to design each page, before adding text which included alliteration. We then recorded the voiceovers for our audio book - a great team effort! 

Amazing Africa!

In Geography the children used atlases and 

netbooks to locate the continent of Africa

and to identify countries within it. 


We are looking forward to learning more about Africa as the term progresses.One of the highlights will be the African drumming workshop and our trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. 

In Maths, the Year 2 pupils were able to 'go on safari' by navigating Beebots to different locations on the map. Turning clockwise and anti-clockwise was quite tricky and the children perhaps saw some different animals on their safari to what they were expecting!  


The children used the Paint program in computing to create their own illustrations based on 'The Enormous Turnip'. 


Spring Term

The Secret Garden


As part of our 'Secret Garden' topic we enjoyed a visit to Beningbrough Hall. The children enjoyed exploring the great outdoors and they learnt about different types of trees and plants.

Here are the children measuring the trunk of the tree and from this they were able to calculate the age of the tree, by converting the number of inches into years.

The children were able to explain what plants needed to grow before planting their own seed.

They also had the opportunity to explore the walled garden where they learnt about different varieties of fruit and vegetables. Although some pupils were not impressed by the smell of some vegetables!

Here are some pupils looking at the celeriac vegetable.

Great Fire of London

To launch our topic about the Great

Fire of London we invited an expert from

Leeds Council Outdoor Education. to help us build our own replica model of London, as it would have looked in 1666. We designed the buildings using a timber frame style.

After making the model of London we had great fun setting fire to it! The children were able to see first hand how quickly the fire would have spread through the timber buildings.
This is just before the fire spread to St. Paul's Cathedral!

School Values

In Class 3 the children enjoyed watching a Christmas film as a reward for earning their 30 footprints. Well done Class 3! The children who had received a footprint this term were able to choose the reward for the class.

Footprints are rewarded for children demonstrating the St. Wilfrid's School values which include:









Fighting Fit

This week we have been making vegetable soup,linked to our topic 'Fighting Fit'. All of the children helped to prepare the ingredients and they had a great time peeling and chopping the vegetables.
Mrs Jones was then able to use her expertise in the kitchen to cook the soup for us.We hope many of you enjoyed sampling it!


In English we have been reading the Supertato storybooks. This inspired the children to create their own 'superhero vegetables' which they then used to write character descriptions. The children really enjoyed the activity and the Evil Pea's days are numbered!
The children will also have the opportunity to write their own vegetable themed stories which links to our topic this term of 'Fighting Fit'. What would your vegetable superhero be called? How would they beat the Evil Pea?

Model Village

This term we have been looking at Settlements and the children had a great time building their own 'model village'. We recycled many everyday materials to make our models and we are very pleased with how well they turned out. 

Our 'model village' included a castle, school, houses and many other interesting buildings. 

Maths Eyes

In Class 3 we have been using our 'Maths Eyes' to look for maths in real life contexts. We used photographs from the Tour de Yorkshire to inspire us. The children had some amazing ideas and they were able to identify maths linked to measuring distances, symmetry and counting.
Here are some of the children working together to identify maths questions linked to the Tour de Yorkshire. When looking at the Yorkshire Rose we discussed the lines of symmetry, use of pattern and the number of petals. The children showed how well they can cooperate and work as a team.


In Science, the children were set a challenge linked to the learning we have been doing in English. They had to design and make a shelter for one of the three little pigs. They had to use their knowledge of materials to make a shelter that would keep the little pig dry. The children had some amazing ideas and every group managed to make a shelter which was waterproof.
The children were only allowed a limited number of materials and there was also a time limit! Each group was able to combine the properties of different materials so that their shelter was strong enough to stand up, but that it was also able to protect the little pig from a sudden downpour. Well done Class 3 on building new homes for the little pigs!