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Class 4

Ring ring!

In Science, we started our unit on sound by making string telephones. We investigated how we hear sound and how the vibrations work. I think the photos show how much fun we had!

Film time


World Book Day

Yet again the children have surprised me with their amazing costumes inspired by a wide variety of book characters. Our classroom was transported into Hogwarts, a scene from various David Walliams stories and we had to find a few Wallys to name just few of the characters in Class 4. Thank you for all your hard work and support in making the day special.

Pancake race!

The year 5 children had an exciting morning participating in the annual Ripon Pancake Day race. To mark Shrove Tuesday, we had a race from the cathedral down the street whilst trying to flip our pancakes! Although some got a bit muddy, it was great fun and the prize of a fresh pancake at the end was the best topping to the day!



Viking day

 Viking day What a fantastic day we’ve had in class 4. We all transformed into Vikings and had a go at recreating their lifestyle. Not only did we make delicious bread, we made longships, scary figureheads to warn off any potential enemies and had a go at weaving a bookmark!


An action packed day concluded with sharing our homemade food with parents.


Thank you for taking time and putting in so much effort with your outfits, you all looked super!

Make and bake the Solar System

Today we made and baked our own version of our Solar System!

Tony Bradman on Skype

What a day, we skyped the author of our class text Viking boy.

Viking boy is an action packed adventure book that tells the story of Gunnar, a young Viking boy, and his journey to try bring his father back.

We came up with a list of questions to ask Tony Bradman about Viking boy, writing and reading. He was able to tell us his inspiration for the book, what inspired him to get into writing, where the ideas for his characters came from and his favourite part of the story amongst other things. This was a really exciting experience for the children (and staff) and I hope it inspires our big write tomorrow!

Yorkvik and The Dig 

What a fantastic day we’ve had a The Dig and Jorvik. Action packed and full of new experiences, we explored how archaeologists find out what life was like in the past. Did you know your rubbish tells a lot about you? It’s not only rubbish that is a good source of information, it’s also your bones and even your poo!

In the afternoon, we learnt about how the Vikings attacked Lindserfarm and the tactics they used to become fearless warriors. The children were shown how important a shield was in battle and even recreated a mini battle with their own shields. What’s more, some children were given a go at holding different weapons; the axe seemed a favourite of the invaders!

In dark and smelly Jorvik, we saw what Coppergate was like in the Viking times and could compare it to the modern street we walked down earlier in the day. Although it was very different we could still see examples of Viking life in modern day York.



Merry Christmas

We have had an action packed first term in class 4 and have spent the last couple of days getting into the Christmas spirit. The highlight was definitely our Christmas party; an afternoon full of dances, games and food.

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you have a lovely break. See you in the new year.

Making model hearts and lungs

To finish our Science unit on the body, we had a go at creating model lungs and hearts. To make the model lungs, we used plastic bottles and balloons to show what it looks like when we inhale and then exhale. Next, for the model heart we used jars with balloons and then water to represent the blood. We recreated the pump with our thumb pushing down on the balloon. It worked really well and even showed us the function of our heart values.



 Advent is a very special time in the Catholic Church and in the upper school we have spent a whole week getting ourselves ready for the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. We looked at the signs and symbols of Advent, The Annunciation and spent time deciding whether or not Christmas has lost its true meaning.



Italian Day

What a wonderful day we’ve had! Our Italian day was definitely a success with 64 pizzas made and a mini Rome with all its top tourist attractions made put of recycled junk material. All the children look amazing, well done on your efforts! I’d also like to say a big thank you to Mrs Thorpe who came in to teach us a little Italian. Grazie!


 Doctor Who live lesson

This afternoon we have had great fun taking part in the Doctor Who live Science lesson.
We time travelled through space to have a close look at the planets in our Solar System and helped the Doctor solve the problem of the mystery planet. Super work Class 4!

Class assembly

On Thursday, we had our class assembly and all children did an amazing job; Miss Abbott was very proud. Thank you to all those who came.


 In class 4 we have been investigating fake news: what it is, how it happens and its effects. We saw how often fake news is broadcasted on the internet and discussed how we could decide whether it was a trustworthy article or not. The next part was very exciting; we had a go at generating our own fake news! The children created a variety of fake news stories however most included Miss Abbott getting up to a range of weird and wonderful things including staring in the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special and how her new look made her look like a gorilla.

Skeleton building

Class 4 had a great time creating their own model skeletons. After hunting for sticks, leaves and stones, the children used the natural materials to make large skeletons on the playground. Using the scientific names, the children will label their models later in the week.

Making Roman villas


As part of our Roman topic, we have been looking into Roman lifestyle and today we took a closer look at their houses. If you were rich in Roman times, you could afford a big, beautiful villa; we we’re very impressed with their grandeur and scale. The children have taken inspiration from secondary sources and have started creating their own versions of Roman villas. Come back soon to see photographs of the completed models.


We have been back at the Grammar School investigating our bodies but this time we had a go at pulling DNA from peas. This was a really tricky experiment but in the end some children had clear DNA attached to their paperclip. It has been great fun trying these new experiments and all the children have enjoyed working in the lab and using the specialist equipment.

Investigating the digestive system

 In the upper school we have been taking a look at the different parts and functions of our body. This week, we took a closer look at our digestive system and recreated it using a range of materials. We started with a cracker and a banana and followed it all the way through the stomach, small and large intestines and right to the end (where we had some poo!) Although rather disgusting, it was a fantastic way to shows the workings of our insides and a lesson I don’t think we’ll forget anytime soon!

Murton Park

Wow, what a day! We were transported back to the Roman times and saw what life would have been like for ordinary people. As part of the Roman Army, we signed up to 25 years of hard work protecting our Empire and leader Julius Caesar (we even did it in Latin!)

One of the most exciting parts of the day was learning to fight. We needed to protect our Roman fort and be ready for an attack. In order to ensure we were ready, we developed our sword skills, spear throwing and marching techniques. By the end of the day there were some super soldiers and we succeeded in keeping the enemy out!

Science at the Grammar School

We were fortunate to go to the Grammar School on Monday and have a Science lesson in one of their labs. As part of our topic, ‘the body’, we investigated microorganisms and their place in our body. First we took a swap of part of the lab and put it in a dish to see what microorganisms might grow from it. We left our swabs in an incubator and we will follow up on our investigation in a couple of weeks. We’re all hoping to see lots of microorganisms when we return.

Next, we had a go at looking at our own bodies. After taking a swab of our cheek, we put the cells under a microscope (we magnified them 100x) and could see our own cells. It was fascinating!


Algorithms for making a jam sandwich

The good old British classic: the jam sandwich, who knew it would be so difficult to make! In Class 4 we have started our computing project ‘We are gamers,’ by looking at algorithms. Miss Abbott became the computer and the children had to give her clear step by step instructions explaining how to make a jam sandwich. At first the instructions were not so clear, Miss Abbott ended up ripping the bread packet open and even buttering the table! However, the children soon got the hang of it and produced clear and organised algorithms meaning we could sit back and enjoy our jam sandwiches!

Story time

In class 4 our first writing project has been to create a storybook for the children in lower school. We have taken part in market research and discussed our favourite stories we used to read, we have designed a front cover on the computers as well as drafting and editing them to ensure they are ready to present. This has been a real challenge but the children have given it their best shot and are excited to share their wonderful creations. Come back soon to see pictures of their final copies.

Forest school activities

Class 4 have been lucky to be the first class to start Forest School activities at St Wilfrid's and what a time they had yesterday. The children toasted marshmallows on an open fire, made dens and collected a vast range of leaves to investigate. The weather stayed mostly dry for our first sessions but in the coming weeks, as the weather begins to change, remember you need to be wrapped up warm and ready for the rain, this is England after all!


Welcome back to school!

What a great first week back. It's been wonderful to welcome back familiar faces alongside new children. I'm really excited to get the new year started; we've got lots of exciting things to look forward to and lots of new learning to discover.



Football craziness


Football craziness has taken over Class 4 and we have worked hard creating our own football songs to cheer on the England team! Our excitement and enthusiasm has been great; let's hope it helps the boys win!

Sports Week

Today we had great fun learning Jedi moves, playing with the parachute and we even tried Tri Golf!



We had a go at learning some basic first aid today and looked at how to help someone if they were hurt.

The World Cup may be in Russia but we held our own version! Can you spot any future World Cup players?

Class 4 have had an energetic start to Sports Week with tennis, dance and karate!


Drumming workshop

 As part of our South America topic, we had a go at creating Samba music and even performed a piece at the end of the day.


Las Iguanas and the Valley Gardens

We had a fantastic day on our school trip to Las Iguanas and the Valley Gardens.

In Las Iguanas we tried a range of mockatails, all of which were delicious! We then had a go at making our own nachos, topped with cheese, salsa and some brave children tried the jalapenos but Miss Abbott didn’t dare! We then were shown by the chef how to make burritos and even gave it a go ourselves. There are definitely some budding chefs in class 4.

With the sun shining on us, we sat and ate our burritos in the Valley gardens. Then we used our knowledge of explores to hunt for various things around the park.

With big smiles and full stomachs we headed back to school having had an excellent day.




Royal Wedding celebrations

We’ve had an action packed day celebrating the Royal Wedding. We solved the mysteries of the stolen presents and rings, designed our own wedding outfits, created our own commemorative 50 pence coins and the highlight was the street party lunch! A fantastic day was had by all!


Biome boxes

These photos show just the start of our biome boxes. We are using our knowledge of the six major biomes across the world and recreating a snapshot of them in shoe boxes.

Science clips

We took inspiration from various science clips we have seen and decided to create our own to shown how much we have learnt about materials and their properties.


Science investigation

Have a look at how much fun we had investigating reversible and irreversible changes!

We saw how burning paper could not be undone and how chocolate can change state from a solid to a liquid and back again, making it a reversible change.

Ancient Greek day

To celebrate the end of our topic we have had an Ancient Greece day. All the Children looked fantastic, we had Ancient Gods and Goddess to Olympians. We had a go at making traditional Greece food including hummus and pitta bread which tasted superb! We also gave Greece dancing a try and finished the day with our handmade wreaths just like the Ancient Olympians received after their hard work.

Maths challenge

In maths, we have been trying various problem solving activities and have been learning to prove our ideas! 


We have been working hard at developing our teamwork skills and had a great afternoon in the process!


Pot making

Today we have started painting our pots; we used orange as our base colour just like the Ancient Greeks!


We had a wonderful afternoon making clay pots. We took our inspiration from our topic the Ancient Greeks and followed their techniques.

Come back in a couple of weeks to see the finished product!

World book day 2018

Class 4 made a superb effort for world book day. Have a look at some of their wonderful costumes. Can you spot a character from your favourite story?


We made the most of the recent wintry weather by creating our own volcanoes using the snow!

Volcanic eruption 

In class 4, our Topic is Ancient Greeks and as part of this we have been investigating the Mediterranean and its natural disasters. We had a great time investigating famous volcanic eruptions and learning how to be prepared for an earthquake. However, I think we all agreed that the best part was making our own volcanoes and erupting them!  

Forces topic

Today we linked our knowledge of air resistance with water resistance. We investigate whether a thin and long piece of clay would move through water quicker than a same sized piece of clay that was a flat round shape. Through our investigations we found that the clay with a smaller surface area would move quicker because it is more streamline.

The next part of our learning led us to investigate air resistance. We wanted to see how quickly things would fall and why some fell quicker than others. To gain a better understanding, we made three parachutes per group and tested them to see which would fall quicker. We changed the size of the parachute each time and found out the bigger the parachutes surface area the slower it would fall. Our scientific findings showed that if there is a larger surface area, then the air could get trapped and would slow down the fall.

Our new Science topic is forces. We started by looking at gravity and who discovered it. We found out Sir Isaac Newton was the reason to make the discovery and it all started with an apple! As part of working scientifically, we tested the effect the connection between mass and weight on a range of classroom objects.

WWI day

We had a wonderful time celebrating the end of World War one.


In preparation for our celebratory street party we made a range of snacks ready to share with our war time comrades. We used our rations to create a wonderful feast; Class four were in charge of making pea soup and most said it tasted delicious!

To ensure we were ready to celebrate we made centrepiece flowers, flags to show our patriotic pride and bunting to show what each of us did during the war. What’s more we were treated to some war time songs!


Mosque and Science museum trip - December 2017

We had a fantastic day visiting the Mosque and Science museum.

In the Mosque we were shown around by a member of the Islam community. He told us all about the different parts of the Mosque, how they use the prayer mats and about his faith.


It was a wonderful experience that was enjoyed by all!

In the afternoon, we visited the Science museum and it's Wonderlab! We were able top explore a range of crazy Science exhibits including the heat sensor, magic mirrors and hearing through our teeth.

Remember the Wonderlab's top tip: Science is all around you and you can make experiments anywhere!

Have you thought of any experiments you could try?


Fire workshop - November 2017

Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from the Fire Service. They told us important information about what to do if there was a fire at home or in school. What's more, we were able to have a close look at their fire engine and all the different tools they use to help rescue people. 



WWI information afternoon

Last week, we had a woman from the church in to tell us about life in Ripon during WWI. She brought in a range of artefacts such as coins from 1914, identity cards and parts of uniforms from the war. 


In PE we have started to learn to play tag rugby; below you can see us trying out our new skills.

April 2017 - Tour de Yorkshire Adverts

March 2017 - Our trip to the Mercer Gallery

 Class 4 had a fantastic time at the Mercer Gallery and Pump Rooms in Harrogate.  
   We were able to examine exhibits and even handle a 6,000-year-old artefact!


We tried our hand at being scientists, measuring and recording what we found. We even got to wear lab-coats!

After lunch we were able to show off our embalming skills and place body organs inside Canopic jars. 

Don't forget, if you have a body to embalm, just ask a member of Class 4 and they will happily help you!