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Class 1 - Early Years

Class 1 - 2021-2022

Thinking about our story, The Gruffalo's Child, we have been exploring shadows and light and dark. In the story the mouse makes a shadow on the ground which looks like the 'big, bad mouse'. The children used the stick puppets to make shadows on the wall to retell the story and explored torches and shiny things in the dark den. 
This week in RE we have been learning about Advent. Advent is when we start getting ourselves ready for Jesus as we approach Christmas which is a celebration for Jesus's birthday. We looked at advent wreaths and what the candles symbolise and the children had a go at making wreaths in a range of ways. 
This week we have been looking at another one of our favourite books, The Gruffalo's Child. We have been exploring different prints that animals and humans make just like the Gruffalo's Child does in the story. We used a range of resources to create different prints and tried to match prints to the animal that makes them. 
To raise money for Children in Need Day we had a non-uniform day in FSU. The children enjoyed taking part in some Pudsey Bear themed activities including a competition for the best coloured in Pudsey!

This week we have been looking at one of our favourite stories - The Gruffalo! We have done lots of exciting activities around the story including making our own gruffalos using a cereal box, making gruffalo crumble and retelling the story using stick puppets. The reception children have also been practising their phonics skills by trying to label a woodland picture. 

We have had great fun and learnt lots during our phonics activities over the last few weeks. The children have the opportunity to further embed their understanding of the sounds by doing a fun activity which is linked to the sound they have learnt. We have been blowing bubbles for 'b', decorating an umbrella for 'u' and making our very own happy heart for 'h'. 
In RE we have started to look at the Christmas story and how the story started by an Angel coming to give Mary the good news that she was going to have a special baby called Jesus. The children enjoyed dressing up as Angel Gabriel and Mary and did a fantastic job of retelling the story in a range of ways including using stick puppets. 
We have learnt lots about the number 2 in the classroom. The children have completed a range of activities to deepen their understanding of the number 2 including creating their own shopping lists of 2 things, subtracting 2, mathematical mark making and having a 2p and £2 shop. 

Remembrance Day 2021

During our Act of Worship we had some quiet time to think about the soldiers that were lost during the war and how brave and courageous they were to keep us safe.  We watched a CBBC video called 'Poppies' which got the children thinking about how it might have been during the war and how the soldiers felt. We talked about the poppies being a symbol of Remembrance day and the children really enjoyed taking part in the poppy activities throughout the day. 

This week we have been looking at fireworks and the celebration bonfire night. We looked at the story of Guy Fawkes and his Gunpowder Plot and sang the song 'Remember, remember the 5th November.' The children enjoyed lots of firework art work and finished the week off with a challenge of building rockets using junk modelling. As you can see from the photos the children had some fantastic ideas and joined the different resources together to show the parts of a rocket. 
Our most recent phonics sounds have been o, c and k. We have made our own octopuses, printed a 'c' using vegetables that start with a c sound and made our own kites decorated with lots of k's.

In our number work we have been looking really closely at number 1. We became number 1 detectives and found things in the classroom which showed 1. We then practised writing 1 in rice, made our own number 1 pictures and went on a search for circles as they have 1 round side. 
Diya lamps are really important during Diwali as people light up their homes with them. The children had to mould the clay carefully to make the shape as one side is round and one is pointy. Once dry we used metallic paints to carefully decorate the diya lamps. 
We found out that during Diwali they have a special feast with lots of different foods. We decided to have a special snack where the children got to try some Indian foods including naan breads, samosas and onion bhajis. We had lots of children having a go and trying the foods even though they were a little bit spicy!
We learned how Diwali is celebrated and how the people put special rangoli patterns outside their homes. They do this hoping it will bring the Goddess of wealth into their homes. The children used a range of colourful resources to create their own rangoli patterns. They did this in pairs so they had to work together to carefully place the resources on the pattern to colour it in. 
Our theme this half term is celebrations. This week we have been looking at Diwali, the festival of lights. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita. We then enjoyed retelling the story using props and outfits. The children were amazed by the baddie in our story as he had 10 heads and 20 arms. We were happy with the ending as good triumphed over evil as Rama rescued Sita. 
We hope you all have a fantastic half term holiday!
On Friday afternoon we decided to explore what the inside of pumpkins looked like. We had lots of 'eww' noises when the children saw the insides and once they got there hands in they used words like 'slimy' to describe the texture. They used their fingers and hands to pick out all of the pumpkin seeds and then we added knives to the tuff spot so the children could have a go at cutting the pumpkin into pieces. Even though it was difficult because the pumpkins were hard lots of children showed perseverance and continued until they cut a piece off. 
Another amazing week of Autumn fun and lots of learning. We talked about hedgehogs and other animals that hibernate this week. The children learned that some animals go for a big sleep during the winter and wake up when it starts to get warm again. We made hedgehogs using autumn leaves, added spikes to hedgehogs using pegs to practice our fine motor and made hedgehogs using play dough, straws and beads. The children showed how sensible they were this week by using real hammers to hammer in the golf tees into the pumpkins. It was a tricky activity that involved lots of concentration but it was a big hit and all the children enjoyed giving it a go.
For the sounds m, d and g we created our own dinosaur using the letter 'd', we practiced our cutting skills and made plates of food which only had foods that started with a 'm' and we each made a gold, glittery 'g'. 
Our topic in RE has been 'God made us special'. We have been thinking about how we are all different to one another and how that was what God planned as God made each one of us exactly how we were supposed to be. We used words like special. unique and different to describe ourselves but we also know there are some things that are similar with each of us too. The children looked very closely at themselves and painted a detailed self portrait which they all did a fantastic job with. 
We have been thinking about sorting this week in our maths work. We had to look very closely at objects and decide how we could sort them into different groups. We knew that there had to be something the same about the objects in each group we made. We sorted shapes, bugs and children in a range of different ways. The interactive whiteboard game of sorting the houses was very popular as children realised there were loads of different ways the houses could be sorted!
We have had a fantastic week exploring the topic of Autumn. The children have really enjoyed a range of activities while learning about the changes that are happening around us at the moment.  
We have had lots of fun this week learning 3 new sounds. We printed some pink p's onto a pink pig, we made our very own inky mouse and have practised our cutting skills while recognising objects that started with 'n'. The children are doing a great job of remembering the sounds and the song and actions that go with them. 

We have been talking about God's love in RE this week. We learnt that God doesn't just love us in school but that he loves everyone in the world. We enjoyed singing the song 'God's love is so wonderful' and thought about how God's love is so high you can't over it, so deep you can't get under it and so wide we can't get round it. The children came up with some great ideas about objects and things that were big that God's love was bigger than. 

"God's love is bigger than space."

"God's love is bigger than a castle."

"God's love is bigger than the sun."

God's love is bigger than a giant."

Reception had a fantastic time on their autumn walk today! We looked for signs for autumn and went on a hunt for some different items around the park. The children found different coloured leaves, sticks and feathers. We then used leaves to try and form the first letter of our names. This was a tricky challenge as the wind kept blowing the leaves away! We talked about the conkers, their shells and what the leaves look and feel like. The children used words like crunchy, spiky and smooth to describe the different objects. 

This week we have started our phonics lessons. We have learned 3 new sounds s, a and t. The children have enjoyed a range of activities to help learn their new sounds. We have practised forming 's' using paints and made a little snake by threading a pipe cleaner. We made some ants using our fingerprints for 'a' and practised our cutting skills when cutting out the tennis balls for 't'. 

This week we are looking at road safety and how we can be safe when the crossing the road. We watched a video about the stop, look, listen and think sequence and thought about why each part was important. We then went up onto the path outside school and looked at the pavement, the curb, the road and then practised the sequence before coming down into the outdoor area and roleplaying crossing the road safely.  The children did a super job of remembering the sequence. 
We had a fantastic 'Colour Day' to finish off our week on colour. The children all wore their most colourful clothes and enjoyed lots of rainbow themed activities. 

We did our first experiment in reception this week. For colour week we looked at what happens to skittles when you leave them in water. The children enjoyed watching as the skittles changed and a rainbow started to spread over the plate. There were lots of good observations from the children about what they could see during the experiment.

"It's dissolved, things dissolve in hot water."

"All the colours have mixed together."

"They go brown when they all mix together."

"The colours are moving into the middle."

In RE we have been learning about God's world and how we were asked by God to look after it. We thought about different things we could do to look after the world God made. Some of the pictures were tricky but we managed to sort them into things that were good for the world and things that weren't.

The children had some great ideas about looking after the world:

"They are wasting electricity."

"The rubbish on the floor can make the animals poorly."

"Recycling is using something again."

We explored colour mixing during our 'Colour Week'. The children mixed a range of colours with red to see what colour they would make. We made brown with red and black, pink with red and white, purple with red and blue and yellow with red and orange. 
This week in RE we have been learning about the Creation story and how God made the world. We used different materials and props to retell the story and the children had a great time adding the different objects as we went along. 
The last sense we looked at was smell. The children sniffed the cups to see if they could identify what was inside. We heard words like 'spicy' and 'it smells like washing' and 'it smells like make up'. 
We all had a go at trying lots of different fruits and talked about what they tasted like. The children used words like 'sour', 'sweet' and 'soft'. It was lovely to see everyone trying everything even if they were a bit unsure. 
In PE this week we explored the sense of sight. The children took turns being blindfolded and their partner had to carefully guide them around the playground. Some children were a little bit nervous about not being able to see but they all had a go and did a great job at helping their partner find their way.
Our second sense was touch. We explored different objects and talked about what they felt like. We then sorted them into groups of smooth and rough objects. 

Senses Week - 20th September 

This week we are exploring the 5 senses. The first sense we looked at was hearing. We went on a listening walk around school to see what we could hear. We also talked about what we need to do to be good listeners and why it's important. The children enjoyed drawing pictures of the different things they could hear. 

Our first RE lesson was all about how God made our world. We explored all the different things that God created when he made the world and thought about what the world would be like without those things.

We each took turns to pick a colour on the rainbow stick to represent something in God's world. The children came up with some wonderful ideas.

"Green for grass, God made the grass and ants need the grass."

"Yellow for the sun. If there was no sun there would be no morning time."

We have been looking at 'Ourselves' during our first few weeks at school. We have talked about the different parts of our body and how we keep our bodies healthy. The children thought about healthy and unhealthy foods and sorted them into groups. They understood that healthy foods can be eaten a lot and unhealthy foods are just for a treat. 

Welcome to our new Reception starters! We have had a great first few days getting to know all our new friends in the Foundation Stage Unit! 

All the children have settled in amazingly well and are doing a great job of learning the new routines throughout the day.


 Class 1 2020-21

We had a fantastic afternoon at our Teddy Bears Picnic on Tuesday. The children talked about the teddy they had brought and why it was special for them. We had lots of fun in the park and then sat down together for a little picnic. There was lots of turn taking and team playing which was lovely to see plus lots of smiling faces! 
The children enjoyed making Father's Day cards for their Daddys. A little gift for the reception children's Dads was painting a portrait of them! The children did a great job of thinking carefully about what their dads look like. We hope you like them! 
What a fantastic afternoon we had at Ripon Cathedral! The children were amazing listeners and super sensible as we walked to and from school and were very respectful when in the special building. We were keeping our eyes peeled for some of the special objects we find in church like the pulpit, stain glass windows and the font. At the end of our visit we all sat together and said a prayer thanking God for the special place. Thank you to Ripon Cathedral for allowing us to come and providing a fun trail booklet for us to keep track of the things we had found. 
This week we have been looking at weight. The children enjoyed comparing the weights of the different treasure chests and putting them in order from the heaviest to the lightest. We talked about how objects can be small but still heavy and how big objects can be light. The challenge then was to find something in the classroom that was lighter than all the treasure chests, they did a great job at this!
Welcome aboard mateys! We had a fantastic day aboard out FSU pirate ship. The children used their role play skills in their pirate themed photos, enjoyed pretending to walk the plank outside using large construction and making their own pirate ships. 
The children did an amazing job of creating their paper plate pirates. They used a range of techniques and resources to create them including painting, drawing and cutting. 
PIRATES AHOY! The children have had a fantastic first day exploring our new topic of Pirates. We had lots of fun dressing up as pirates in our new pirate ship role play area, making eye patches, learning how to speak like a pirate and designing our own pirate and drawing them using oil pastels.  
In the story 'Farmer Duck' the animals work together to do all the jobs on the farm. This week in PE we did some team games where the children had to listen to each others ideas and plan how they were going to complete the activities. We had lots of fun completing the different activities and the children showed great skill in working as a team. 
Linking to our story of 'Farmer Duck' we did some observational paintings of some farm animals. The children looked really carefully at which animal they wanted to paint and used a one brush technique to paint their animal. 
Our story this week is 'Farmer Duck'. The children were given the task of designing their own farm. We thought about the different buildings and fields a farm would need. Once they had designed their farm they had to work together as a team to build a farm using small world. They listened carefully to each others ideas about where the animals should go and what they needed to keep the farm running smoothly. 
Our creative activity this week involved the children painting a pebble to look like the Ladybird from our focus story 'What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday.' The children did a great job of decorating the pebbles using very thin paintbrushes so we could see all the spots. 
3D shapes have been our Maths focus for this week. The children enjoyed going on a 3D shape hunt, making notes and taking pictures of the different objects they found. 'Guess the 3D shape' was a very popular game as the children had to describe a hidden shape using words like 'faces' and 'edges' as clues. The children did a fantastic job of describing the shapes and naming them correctly. 
When we were learning about the Queen we watched a video of one of her Birthdays and noticed that lots of people were waving flags when the Queen made an appearance. We talked about this flag being the Union Jack, the flag of the United Kingdom. The children were keen to look at other flags so we looked at the Polish, American, Korean and Czechoslovakian flag as we have some parents from those countries in our class. Designing their own flags for FSU was a great hit and the children worked hard colouring in their own Union Jack correctly. 
This week we have been looking at the story 'What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday.' The story is about some robbers who try and steal the Queen's Crown Jewels. We decided to find out a bit more about the Queen and her crown. We then used a range of resources to make our own crown like the Queen.
In RE this week we recapped what we had learned about Mary and why she is a special lady. We know that she is our special mum in Heaven who looks after us like God does. We then thought about our own special mummies. We talked about what we love about our mums and what makes them special to us. The children worked really hard painting pictures of their mums, thinking really carefully about what they look like and what colours they need to use. 
'What the Ladybird Heard' has been our focus story for this week and it gave us the perfect opportunity to practise using positional language. The children enjoyed a range of activities focusing on using language like under, behind, in front, over and next to. We completed an obstacle course where we had to follow certain instructions and we then made our own map of the course and told someone else the instructions so they did it correctly. The bee-bots were very popular this week as the children enjoyed planning a route for the bee-bot and then giving him the correct instructions to get there. 
This week in RE we have been thinking about Mary. May is Mary's special month so we take this time to talk about why Mary is a such a special lady. The children recognised that Mary was special for lots of reasons, she is Jesus's Mum, she looks down on us from Heaven as she is the Queen of Heaven and she is the Queen of May. We made Mary crowns and flowers to say thank you for all she has done for us. The children enjoy bringing flowers in for Mary and crowning Mary during our Act of Worship. 
Our story this week has been 'What the Ladybird Heard.' We looked closely at ladybirds and what they look like and used this to help us with some Ladybird Art.
We decided to design and make posters to promote healthy eating. The children came up with lots of great ideas of what fruits and vegetables do for us and why it's important to eat lots of them. 
We decided to find out what our class favourite fruit was. We recorded the results using a pictogram, one picture to represent one person's vote. Strawberry was our class favourite and the children did a super job of answering some tricky questions about our results including 'how many more children chose strawberry and not watermelon?'
This week our story has been 'Oliver's Fruit Salad.' We learned that fruits have got seeds in them and explored a range of fruits using knives and tweezers to find the seeds. Once we found them we used the magnifying glass to see what they looked like close up. The children also tried to match up seeds to what they grow into. 
This week our focus story has been 'Oliver Vegetables'. We have talked about fruits and vegetables and how they are healthy foods which we should eat 5 a day of. We sorted foods into healthy and not healthy groups and made ourselves a healthy lunchbox. The children understood that we can eat the not healthy foods but they would be treats and not something we would eat everyday.
This week in RE we have been looking at the story of when Jesus went back to Heaven. We talked about how his Disciples were feeling when Jesus went up into the clouds and that they knew that Jesus would always be with them. We learned that this special day had a name, Ascension Day. The children did a range of activities to help them remember and retell this important story. 
We designed and built our own castle like the Giant's castle from Jack and the Beanstalk. We looked at different castles and talked about what features they had. We used a range of resources to make our castles and then went round and discussed what we liked about each castle and the person who made it thought about what they could do to improve it.
Following our story for this week which was Jack and the Beanstalk we found some Giant's footprints in our classroom and experimented with different ways to measure them. We used cubes, our hands and our feet to measure the footprints and decided which way would be the best for measuring each footprint based on its size.

In RE this week we talked about the Easter story and the amazing thing that happened on Easter Sunday, that Jesus rose again!

We thought about other things that come back to life and the changes we have noticed around us as Spring has arrived. We explored our outdoor area and looked for signs of New Life and found lots of new flowers, some bulbs and there were lots of leaves on the trees. 

What a fantastic day we have had for the FSU Christmas Party! We were lucky to have a very special visitor come and say hello to the children and make sure they were all being good! We had some very excited children and staff!
Thank you to the SWA for the lovely Christmas presents for the class! 
We have done lots of practical and fun activities to help the children really understand the number 3. We played noughts and crosses, went on a triangle hunt and looked at different ways we can make 3!
The children had great fun being number detectives on Monday! We looked really closely around the whole classroom to see what we could find that showed 3. 


As lots of us are working hard to write our own names, it is important that we have strong fingers to help us hold our pencils. Dough disco is a great way to get our fingers working, it is also a fun activity which everyone enjoys!


Christmas has arrived in the Foundation Stage Unit! The children were all surprised to find the tree in the classroom on Monday morning. The children tried to solve the mystery of who had put it up! 


We have found out that Advent is time for getting our hearts ready for Christmas when we celebrate Baby Jesus' birthday. We made our own Advent wreaths using a range of different materials and talked about what the 4 candles meant. We are looking forward to lighting a candle for each Sunday in Advent.


We have had great fun exploring number 2! We made our own shopping lists, had a £2 and 2p shop and looked at what numbers we can add together to make 2. 


This week we have been exploring the Hindu Festival of Light, Diwali. The children have made Rangoli patterns using a range of resources and we have looked at the different ways the Hindu people celebrate. We changed our Act of Worship table and had a row of Diva lamps and candles as the word Diwali means 'a row of lamps'. The children noticed that there were some similarities between Diwali and some of the celebrations we have. 


This week in RE we have learned about Angel Gabriel visiting Mary to tell her she would have a special baby called Jesus. We loved retelling the story using puppets and dressing up. 


In Maths we have started exploring different numbers using the Maths Mastery approach. Our first numbers were 0 and 1. We used a range of activities to gain a deeper understanding of the numbers and be able to recognise and form the numbers correctly. 


We have had great fun exploring more sounds in our Phonics lessons! Making a gold, glittery g was a particular favourite with one child quoting 'it's magic!'


We have been improving our physical development while having lots of Autumn fun this week. Children have been practising their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination using a range of Autumn resources.


We used pumpkins in both our shape, space and measure and number work this week. We sequenced the pumpkins by size, identifying which were the biggest and smallest or heaviest and lightest. We based our number work on the song '5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate.'


In our number work this week we have done lots of fun and exciting activities all about matching and sorting. We discovered what the words describe, similar, different and same mean and used this to help us match objects and sort them into different groups. A  particular favourite was pegging the matching pairs of socks onto the washing line! 


We did lots of practical activities to further support the children in recognising the new sounds taught this week. 


We have been learning all about what makes us special and unique. We discovered that everyone has their own individual fingerprint and printed a heart around the drawing we made of ourselves. When reading the book 'I am Special' we all took a turn at finding out who the special person was at the end. We then used the mirror to guide us when painting our self portraits. 


The children have been so enthusiastic about learning more sounds and have really enjoyed representing them in different ways while chanting the rhymes to help us form the letters correctly. I'm sure you will hear lots of 'round the apple and down the leaf' and the song 'a a ants on my arm' over the weekend!


On Monday we had our first Phonics lesson. We focused on the sound 's' and learned how to say it and write it. The children enjoyed a range of activities to help embed their learning including threading a 's' and making it into a snake, making a 's' in play dough and using our rhyme 'we slither down the snake' to help us paint a 's'!


You should have all now received information regarding the Curriculum zoom meeting which will be taking place on Tuesday 29th September at 6pm. The invitation for the zoom meeting will follow on Monday and we hope to see as many of you as possible on the night!


This week in RE, we continued the story of Creation. The children all took turns to add different items to our representation of The Creation Story. 

The children remembered lots of details:

"God made planets and the animals, he made the birds and the fish, the sky and the sea."

"He made the light and the moon, last he made people then he had a big rest."

"At first it was dark and then God made light. Then he made the sky and the clouds, then he made everything else. On day number seven he rested because he had done lots of work."


Today in RE we started to learn about The Creation Story and all the colours in God's Wonderful World. Each child picked their favourite colour ribbon and told the class why they had chosen it. The children had amazing ideas, red represented roses and fire from a dragon. White was fluffy clouds and snowflakes, green was leaves and apples growing on the trees, we even had a blue moon!


Welcome to our new Reception Class!


We have had a fantastic week getting to know all the children and they have been absolute superstars, especially the children who are new to St Wilfrid's School.

We are settling in great to new routines, snack time is proving to be very popular and the children are making lots of new friends.