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History is taught through class topics, connections being made across different subject areas where possible. Each topic begins with a book - sometimes a series of books for younger children. The book is then studied by the class in order to aid reading comprehension work and inspire writing tasks in English. Independent learning is encouraged and children are involved in planning their learning.

Children across both classes within the lower and upper school, study the same topics i.e. Class 2 and 3 work together and likewise Class 4 and 5. Teachers work in teams and plan together in order to ensure equality of opportunity across the mixed age classes.

At the lower end of the school (Year 1 to 3), teachers work from National Curriculum objectives, ensuring an equal coverage of the history curriculum.

At the Upper end of the school (Year 4 to 6), a three year long term plan for history ensures that every child experiences the whole breadth of the National curriculum programme of study during their time at primary school. The first topic of the year always begins with an activity on chronology. This enables children to appreciate, not only the period in which the current topic under study takes place, but also its relationship in time to previous and future studies.

Learning outside school is a valuable addition to the children’s educational experience. Children in Year 1 to 6 will experience at least one visit per term to enhance their learning in the Foundation subjects including history. The school is reliant on parental contributions in order to support these visits.

An overview of our history curriculum is available to view HERE.